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i completely do not understand anything. like, i don't get why i don't see constant calls for a lockdown on my timeline and stuff. cases keep skyrocketing but it just keeps being not real and people still go outside and live their lives at like, i dunno, 80% capacity. that and all the people in denial and stuff is like, messing with me. toss that in with increasing agoraphobia and it's like how much of this stress and caution is real, i'm losing it

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"only like 1% of people die and it's mostly sicks and olds"

Like, jesus christ, i get that 1% feels tiny and insignificant but if there was a 1% chance of getting struck by lightning, you get the fuck indoors, it's not like you only roll the die once. and that's not even me giving enough credit to people to realize that you're still going to have lingering effects and you're helping the pandemic spread

pandemic, mh, us 

like, one in five hundred people in the us have died from covid and it's a fucking snowball effect. i just wish there was some divine truth-telling authority to be like "heather you should be freaking out exactly this much:"

pandemic, mh, us 

meanwhile i had a fucking freakout on my daily walk to the END OF THE STREET because that's as far as i can go anymore. just cause i've been isolated so long that i'm panicking about not controlling every aspect of my environment

so obviously it's not like i can trust my own gut

pandemic, mh, us 

@heatherhorns ohh this is so relatable, I'm sorry its happening to you too :-( I had a panic attack in a grocery store lol.

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