Blahaj is now available for your blobby emoji needs at !

Thanks to the amazing commissioner, these are all free for use. Also in telegram sticker form at

(If you want your own, I'm open for commissions!)

Oh GOSH I'm so happy people like this!! Um, if this gets added on any instances, I'd super appreciate hearin about it! Stuff like the zobold stickers being used makes my day.

(aaalso it's been years since I could test an emoji on mastodon so I'd also appreciate making sure it looks good and also that it was as simple as directly uploading it, no need to edit)

@mawr @owashii oh gosh i'm doing an update at the moment for mastodon - one sec......

@mawr @owashii Okay, got it, thanks!

A few of the bigger ones were over the file size limit which meant people would have to use the 150 ones and they'd be fuzzier!

@mawr @owashii er pardon, i mean to say that it's updated and the link goes to the new version

@heatherhorns @owashii Or this morning! :blobcoffee:

:BigBlobhajHug: :Blobhaj: :BlobhajBlanketBlue: :BlobhajBlanketSlate: :BlobhajfBlobbyHug: :BlobhajHeart: :BlobhajHoldAsp: :BlobhajHoldSassage: :BlobhajHugFullBody: :BlobHajMlem: :BlobhajPrideHeart: :BlobhajReach: :BlobhajSadReach: :BlobhajShock: :BlobhajTinyHeart: :BlobhajTransPrideHeart:

Licensing added to our CoC- lemme know if you want me to any of that text to something specific @heatherhorns!

@heatherhorns and of course, THANK YOU for sharing your awesome work!! :blobsob: :BlobhajHeart:

@mawr heee thanks <3 <3
Sorry to be silent on you a while! I appreciate the offer - I suppose it'd be helpful to link my account if possible! Been trying to find a way to make ends meet with commissions, so it helps to be accessible and all that.

@heatherhorns (just noticed the typo-- that was meant to be: "lemme know if you want me to link any of that text to something specific" :blob_grinning_sweat: )

@heatherhorns uhh they are super pretty. would be great to have them on, too. @starfall thanks for releasing these, they're adorable!!


@00dani oh my dang gosh I would be delighted!
I'm free to work on it now, if you'd like to send any extra info! Gotta rest so I'm not literally available "tonight" now, but like, tomorrow and such!

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