People who moved to Mastodon from Twitter in recent months:

How you feelin about it?

Please don't feel I'm asking you to pledge allegiance or Engage In Discourse
There's an obvious selection bias cause you're still here to read this, anyway.

Just, we've all had the welcome wagon out and the fediverse has been praising itself a lot. But like, I dunno. Curious how it's sitting with y'all on a personal basis

Masto racism 

Honestly disappointed we didn't do more to be upfront about the whiteness problem. I dunno what the smartest way to do that is, but we have a new influx, seems worth putting a sign on the door

Both for people at least getting a heads up but also tipping off that, sure, we can be good about cws but that doesn't mean you can trust that group opinion is always gonna discourage you from adopting shitty behavior

Masto racism 

Just hoping things are largely going well for people right now. I've no clue

@heatherhorns I'm enjoying it. Less aggravation, more connection. Will definitely be sticking around.

@heatherhorns I feel this place feels like Twitter did when I joined back in 2009. A group of people chatting about their interests.
There's still more politics than there was back then but of course the world is a bin fire so it's not surprising.
I always liked the opportunity to chat to people all over the world. Chronological order too! And no adverts.
In short, it feels like finding home again.
It was twitter changes that killed twitter for me. Elon was just the last straw

@heatherhorns oh and I know nothing is free, so I donate to both Mastodon and my instance admin towards costs

+ small, cozy community
+ Less dunk bait/outrage posting
+ Per-post visibility controls
+ CWs
+ active moderation
+ local timeline
- So many CWs that I have to auto-expand them
- general jank and federation issues
- number of inactive accounts
- even popular posts are basically dead half an hour after posted, unless constantly self-boosted
- hard to discover cool people and posts
- single very active account can easily drown out anyone else in your feed

- comment threading is super annoying on my clients

Overall I give the experience a solid meh+. It's not great but I still enjoy casually scrolling around here a lot more than twitter.

@heatherhorns I feel like the conversations are quite different. I miss some of the content I'd get from Twitter, but I feel like there's less of a "shouting into the void" and more of a community vibe to Mastodon.

@heatherhorns I feel fine and I intend to stay somehow.
I still have on foot in twitter because some close mutuals haven't switched AND because I miss the angry and loud voices of ppl who are objected to racism and ableism around here or haven't found them yet.

Also I have been discouraged of faving around here, and this REALLY makes me unhappy because I thrive of giving and getting little likes, and I'm often too shy or lack the spoons (or have nothing to say) for further interaction.

@heatherhorns @gkrmbl really? On the faving? Also, can relate, but plenty of strangers fave my boosted posts and that’s the extent of the interaction and I’m ok with that.

@Dananner @heatherhorns People have told me right at the beginning it's frowned upon? Which made me very unhappy.
Perhaps I should just ignore it. It's not a harmful act ;)

@gkrmbl @Dananner @heatherhorns I didn't know this, and I think I'll ignore this info ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Why wouldn't someone want my fav? I hand them out generously because I know I like to get 'em myself.

@manualcookie @Dananner @heatherhorns

I understood it as "here, a fave doesn't "help" the post because there is no algorithm that pushes faved tweet into visibility, so the twitter ppl fave too much and boost too little", and I see the sense for posts with political messages e.g., but I love faves, especially in personal interactions It’s the first time since Twitter and Facebook first landed that I’ve spent this much time on social media without an impending sense of doom. The most negative feeling I’ve had since I joined is disappointment that there isn’t much conversation going on when it gets quiet in my corner. The fedi has made social media fun and interesting again.

@heatherhorns I think it’s great. I spent way too much time on Twitter doom scrolling, and I often felt worse (more negative, emotionally) after checking the app than I did beforehand.

Mastodon has been very much the opposite. Has a very cozy, community feel, and I haven’t seen constant amplification of doom. I’m also following WAY fewer people, so doesn’t feel like a firehose.

I do miss some of my friends who haven’t switched, but am planning to not go back to Twitter.

@heatherhorns I like it here quite a lot. It feels easier. Less hectic. Less like I'm trying to get noticed & more like a local coffee shop where I may engage in a convo or two or just sit quietly and listen to the flow.

@heatherhorns for me it mainly has just been difficult to figure out how to engage / who to engage with. I'm pretty much a hermit at the best of times, so for me this space has been very quiet, because I'm not accustomed to going out of my way to connect with folks. I'm hopeful I can overcome that, we'll see.

@heatherhorns feeling pretty great tbh. have had so many deep and kind and fulfilling exchanges, discovered a lot of peoples’ work in the fields i really care about. i am on a great instance which is very tailored to my interests, which helps immeasurably. i had a .social account since 2018 that i never used.

@heatherhorns I really like it. Partly because I'm someone else today, than the person who started that Twitter account, and it feels like I can start anew here. I'm considering who I follow (I like that there's no quickfollow function) and people put effort into their bios and follows. Once I got the hang of it, I can see how the multiple timelines can be a really good thing. I've found myself checking twitter less and less.

@heatherhorns I like it. Kinda quite and I only check in occasionally. I think being on a small local instance really helps.

Last time I checked it out was hard to bootstrap, where as joining a small instance helps finding your community.

@heatherhorns So, I've got a laundry list.

I do appreciate how the bad actors conglomerate and make themselves easier to identify and block.

I also appreciate how people on the fediverse feel comfortable expressing disgust at bad actor behavior, rather than feeling the need to self-censor ala Twitter. You can actively condemn bad behavior here without (generally) risking an account ban.

@heatherhorns That being said, there are things about Mastodon, as a piece of software, that I don't like.

I don't like how there's very little in the way of automatic filters to alert moderation to bad activity.

I don't like how Mastodon automatically caches remote data locally and offers no configurability to that.

I don't like how Mastodon makes it a pain to set sensible API limits.

@heatherhorns I really like it here, feels a lot like a small community (that I can be more personal with) and people more frequently interact with you, so that's nice. People are also a lot better about content warnings and putting alt-text on things - which I really must do better with.

Big upside I find is from the Federated nature. You can block an entire community, either personally or on the server level, and I think that goes a long way to curb raiding. Especially if most instances admin are semi-on the ball with moderation. It kind of forces people prone to raids into smaller unmoderated instances or explicitly hateful instances, neither of which feel particularly guilty when blocking.

I also find there to be a lot less concentrated negativity here. The bird site would literally throw transphobia at me because it knew I would doom scroll and stay "engaged" for longer.

As for downsides, I can't think of many that are unique to Mastodon. Only one that comes up mind is that posts "die" pretty quickly unless you're self-boosting them, which makes me feel awkward. Definitely some people on the bird site I wish had migrated, but like oh well - plenty of interesting folk here already!

@heatherhorns Closed my Twitter account when Musk took over. My impressions so far: much more engagement and feedback on here than with Twitter. Mush less spamming of Patreon, Kof-fee and other money gathering techniques. Overall: quite happy with the experience.

@heatherhorns Ever since reactivating my Mastodon account (after ~2 years of inactivity) I think about my social media consumption and the tools to facilitate it a lot.

I have been using Twitter for as long as I can remember with the "Show Latest Tweets", which makes engagement more endurable. Still it always felt uncomfortable to browse the feed.

Fedrating my content more thoughtfully really has an impact on my mood. Also I feel more encouraged to engage with people.

@heatherhorns In a sense Twitter, mastodon [dot] social, and even every other content outlet (TV, radio, news in various forms) now feel like an unstructured flow of content to polarize on (is it "on"/"with"/"about"?)

But I honestly just want to learn of people's interest and engage with them about it. And not compete with everybody for a bit of attention about my hottest take.

I could go on rambling about my thoughts but that is somewhat condensed what I think (and probably badly formulated).

@heatherhorns I'm feeling good here. It's a different vibe and it's nice.

I enjoy browsing the local and federated time lines, especially after moving off

I wish the people I follow on TT would move here, but I don't wanna be the guy asking people to move platforms.

I wish it was easier to discover people, and I'd welcome a feed of "People followed by people you follow".

I like that there's less brand accounts here.

@heatherhorns I read somewhere that Mastodon feels like people having chill conversations instead of Twitter's everyone tooting (🥁🐍) their own horns.

@heatherhorns I'd stepped away from Twitter a couple of months ago, honestly, and I haven't been doing much I'd want to post about online to the general public. Local Discord? Sure. But the world at large? Eeh, nobody'd be interested. But I like Mastodon better.

@heatherhorns Less toxic than Twitter / FB. Mastodon seems more a place to find like-minded folks, though Twitter was pretty chill. General interest stuff (e.g. for me, the recent Australian election) is lacking a bit here, but I'm hoping that the fediverse will expand over time.

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