Hello! I am a trans lady with debilitating depression and am in a bit of need here.

I'm running out of funds at the moment! I'm unemployed with no federal aid and have been looking for work for over a year.

In the next two weeks, I need to get medicine (~$180), appointments with physicians and my counselor for the first time in over a year ($90 total), and some help with food. (donations like rice would be AMAZING)

thank you so, so much for the help.

additionally, if it helps at all to talk about things that don't necessarily need to be money, then..
if anyone has any help to obtain

- a lead on a lawyer to help file for disability
- wrist brace
- sleeping meds
- interview clothes
- pepper spray or something defensive

i would truly appreciate it! again, thank you so much. I hate asking for help after receiving so much already. but thank you <3

Thank you all! Like, damn. Thank you, hard to put it into words.

I have enough for doctors and meds now. Largely enough for food - I can make the rest. I asked ahead of disaster this time, so I have a little time. I also got some really helpful advice!

This helps a ton! Today I'm gonna see a doctor and grab some staples for the next week at Aldi's. Things are a lot better, thank you. If you'd still like to help, check out

Okay turns out Hertz can just tell me to pay hundreds more and I can't do shit

And my pain meds are gonna be $90 alone

I'm so sorry to raise this flag again but
Things got worse pretty fast! So I'm um, gonna float this out there, thank you so much

Sorry for the trouble and thank you so much! Y'all are incredible

I got $150 worth of my meds for now! And I could afford gas to go to the social service place! Making a dent in it!

And that's just for today! Donated aid also helped me cover the rental costs I'm disputing. I'm told that, even if I get refunded, that might take a month or so to be paid back. I never would have had a prayer of covering that, so thank you thank you thank you thank you

Holy crap! Holy crap I can afford all my meds for this month! Thank you! Okay that's all I need, holy crap

@heatherhorns might be able to help about a disability lawyer but I'll need more info about your location, if you're cool with that DM me?

also might have information/advice on sleeping meds, if that's a helpful thing

@heatherhorns wrist brace like for carpal tunnel? I've got some great suggestions, and would happily buy you a set of my favorites if that works :blobheart:

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