Came back to wrap this ref up. Now she's officially ordained as a character

Still setting up for the big show. Freddi failing to bolt her head on is becoming a problem.

Gonna come back for a few touch ups before writing the last bits

but hey freddi reference sheet!

Interrogess's assistant, Iva!

I'm debating on what she should wear. If it helps to describe her personality: she's an overworked but overeager assistant. She'd take her clothes seriously but not be like, dressed ambitiously. She isn't like assertive but she is constantly shouting BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS SUPER IMPORTANT, MISS.

I may not choose any of these! dunno. what do yall think?

dailydraw sketch 

me as a respected artist being interviewed like

"where do you get your ideas?"

'well, I thought - Caribou are really fuzzy and cute and so are gays'

"would you do anything differently if you could do it again?"

'the caribou shoulda been kissing the snake'

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