5:30. I might not get to sleep tonight. I have a serious problem, Jesus. I think that makes like 8 or 9 hours slept since last Friday

dang i really wanna write a teen adventure cyoa game but i should keep focusing on interrogess's gameshow

wip sketch 

oh damn i love this energy, i hope i don't lose it

snippet from my tv movie 

"school isn't like skateboarding at all!"

'for god's sake evan i'm trying to fix the oxygen tanks'

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snippet from a commercial for my tv movie 

"-and the only thing worse than being stuck on this space station headed towards the sun...

are all these teenagers!"

i love when i'm looking for references and find something with the exact energy i was searching for

Let's try this again:

If James Randi appeared in public today and said "I'm back! I was dead all that time but I came back just to say the afterlife is real!"

And we know for sure it's really him through tests

would you find his claims more plausible?

@nisima frankly i really wish i could edit this poll because i messed up the questioning

cause this is a really bad scene and i don't think anyone should think it's more plausible that it's a real ghost of james randi

cause let's face it, the kind of enemies he's made would absolutely desecrate his memory for profit

@chimerror yeah, thinking about this, I just *want* to think it'd be more believable, since he built up a lot of credibility to cash in on, so it's a shame that ghost-randi wouldn't have any of that weight.

maybe if he just like, came back one day and was like "no i WAS dead but i came back"
and we knew it was him
then he could cash in on that legitimacy

if an entity claimed they were a ghost and were trying to like, prove themselves by sharing their identity as a dead person and saying stuff that seems like only that particular dead person would know

would you be more or less willing to believe their claim, if the dead person in question were james randi

they're communicating via youtube videos so it's unclear if it's special effects and they have some plausible excuse as to why they can't just show themselves outside of the videos

i am like, actively trying to stop replying to every post

pixel drgn! 

@toydragon @sugar oh dang, i'm sorry for admonishing you ;~;

i stepped out of dragon/kobble rank

just like, having to ask myself where i'm pulling the phrasing of "the honeys" from

so i guess fingers crossed it won't turn out i'm another in a long line of appropriation or like, indirect reference to something hateful


@sugar you opened the envelope! its bangness is losing its freshness, every second that passes without use is going to make it go more stale

now the honeys will say "this is a crusty and rusty toot"

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