kinda kinky, hypno, subby 

but that's not all, winners will get the pleasure of hosting their own identical gameshow

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kinda kinky, hypno, subby 

i host a gameshow where the objective is to guess the trigger word to win my undying obedience and devotion


someone with a drone kink tell me to draw, that seems like a good way to resolve this

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i need to split in two so one of me can type online about being somebody's hypno-toy or ribbon covered cow slut while the other still focuses on drawing these hands right

You know that feeling of look at an image expectantly, thinking it's a gif that's still loading?

That, but with mirrors and transformation

tf transformation 

I'm trying to incorporate this and the werewolf sequence into the whole interrogess gameshow, but since they're different attempts at the same thing, i gotta like, introduce them as contestants first or something?

so normally i wouldn't show this yet but i'm neurotic and gotta obey the law of

wip tf sequence 

so as per the randomizer i tried to take the "wild" interpretation of someone who was human

so like..werehuman?

so i'm thinking maybe like this

wip tf, randomizer unfinished animation 

been toying with the idea of animating changes with the randomizer, but it's a bit time consuming for the end result!

for 8/27

tf kink, randomizer jokey 

It seems we were a bit premature! The Spin2Win Randomizer show is experiencing a slight delay as our harpies work on the problem.

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tf, requesting your favorite types 

kinda building a gameboard thingie and i'd like to hear what kind of TF 'genres' you like.
if you'd like to share, please send so via direct message!

I want repeats and different folks' phrasing of the same ideas, see. <3 <3 Thanks to any folks that contribute!

Tf kink rp premise 

aaa i got too self conscious cause it's weird and too considered

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Do people play like horny tabletops
Like not just people giving off a horny vibe, I mean if there are ttrpg games that are just kink roleplay

I rate whatever dnd monster images i can come across 

i'm done now because that one made me have to draw

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I rate whatever dnd monster images i can come across 

1. i wanna marry a futch one 558/666
dang i
like this a lot this is inspiring me to draw a kissable monster
what the fuck is wrong with me

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I rate whatever dnd monster images i can come across 

1. okay i need to start with the rating:
but let my defend my ranking. it's really cute if you think about it. like imagine the troubles it'd have trying to wear a coat. i wanna see a fursona of this

2. HELL YES i love this weird thing. what in the world. what even. the general gumdrop shape of its body is generic monster. but WOW that eye is incredible. it still looks recognizable as an eye with an iris via FINGERS! so cool 567/666

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I rate whatever dnd monster images i can come across 

1. this is so middle of the road that it feels like the sets the exact middle of the bell curve. i actually like it a bit less than average but it still gets a slightly boosted. consider all votes in relation to this. 333/666

2. decent enough i guess. pretty middle of the road in a different way. i want to hear it sing opera. 367/500

3. it is not illegal to actually try to fantasize for your mythical creatures 75/666

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