me: why is my TL so slow?

me, seeing the avi: ooooooooh,,,,,,,,

woo / astral projection / and the atom 2 

and I think thats beautiful

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woo / astral projection / and the atom 

When I project, I explain in orthocosm, the swirling silver orb mists who sing, as spinning stars who sing

After reading this chemistry book I realize it can be explained as a singing atom

No need for “swirling silver mists” when it’s implied it’s the electron cloud

Ala atom

Sometimes I get lost leading people into the underworld and I don’t say anything

Someone: *says some shit about Apollo*

Me: hold my caduceus

Dogs are great! My undisciplined, domesticated brethrens however ...

This dog maybe a marble statue but I’m still comfy and cuddley

Hello I’m Hermes! This is a private account so there is a likely hood I won’t be accepting friend requests

Just thought I’d drop in and say “hi! I’ve been lurking! You all are :sparkles_nb: soff friends :sparkles_nb: :plush:

lukewarm take 

@hermes @vantablack i feel like the fetishism of destruction within some radical / anarchist-leaning circles is to some extent counterproductive? not that i mind destruction of property a la broken-window liberals, but if something has a use-value then it should be appropriated instead of destroyed. we all could do with a little less of the "smashy smashy" attitude imo. but constructive work is a lot more boring, despite being far more necessary.

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