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obligatory intro post 

The name's Bea. I live in the PNW with a dog and several strange animals who typically wear human suits. My interests include tabletop RPGs, cooking, card games, boxing, and swordfighting. I have a large variety of OCs, most of whom satisfy my sick sexual thrills, largely revolving around expansion. I'm not looking for any additional romance or flirting, so don't bark up that tree. Cool? Cool.

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also since this is relevant to my account: unless otherwise tagged as someone else, assume all art I post is done by @Daikanu

holy shit nobody told me Cid in this game is just Final Fantasy Kenny Rogers

cw: food 

I don't fuck around when it comes to french toast.

Seattle pol, Uber/Lyft minimum wage, + 

"The Seattle City Council unanimously approved a minimum pay standard for Uber and Lyft drivers on Tuesday, the second city in the US to do so."

"The law, passed in a 9-to-0 vote, is modeled after one passed by New York in August 2018 that caps how many ride-hailing cars from services like Uber and Lyft can be on the street. Seattle's law will require drivers be paid at least 56 cents per minute and $1.33 per mile driven while transporting passengers."

Amusingly, it also notes:

"In crafting the ordinance approved Tuesday, Seattle commissioned two well-known economists to determine how much drivers actually make, while Uber and Lyft quietly commissioned researchers from Cornell University who came up with very different conclusions.The city's researchers found that drivers made an average of about $9.73 per hour, while the ride-hailing companies' researcher put the number at $23.25."


that meaning was passed down to me, in the viewing of it, the remembering of it, some twenty years later, when I can now show this to others and marvel at the pure, gleeful expressiveness of it

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I guess in a weird way, it fills me with a kind of strange, savage hope for people; we, as a culture, were always this weird. we've always been chasing symbols and ephemera in a desperate search for meaning

Trigun and the band Burning Airlines meant enough to a guy I knew that he dedicated probably HUNDREDS of hours to slamming this together on extremely primitive editing software, for no pay, for no expectation of exposure or praise, just because he thought it should exist

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poignantly struck for a little bit by the absolute absurdity of trying to explain this to anybody nowadays, this world where reel-based magnetic tape and PHP boards and anime footage set to music were things novel enough for hundreds-strong communities to spring up around them

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it's wild to realize I'm now twenty years older than I was when I first started using the internet socially; I started out posting on a damn AMV forum, which on a somewhat comical note is where my love for post-punk came from. that entire world is now lost to time

I remember how bad I was in the pre-Twitter era when all we had was Livejournal and BBSes to be lonely and stupid on and I genuinely feel bad for how pressured to make themselves 'socially-marketable' kids growing up now must feel

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like christ it's so easy for someone at an impressionable age to get this idea into their head that they have to be this like font of endless bubbly good cheer to get people to like them. but people can see RIGHT through fake cheerfulness because it's too obviously desperate

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I think a lot about how when I was like fifteen or sixteen on the internet I put all this incredibly elaborate work into being 'lovable' that was really just an elaborate dodge around my own insecurity; I didn't actually have real friends until I stopped

unlocked Dragoon in FF14. now to figure out where exactly in my rotation I should be using Jump, and also if I should actually care about Feint or if it's just, sort of There

cw: dog, eye contact I guess? 

"Oh, hello. I didn't see you there."

it is year 600 of 2020, and 'horny on main' is no longer sufficient. must find ways to be hornier on main. the nature of sexuality begins to escape me. have resorted to poking a giant plush sheep with a chapstick tube and going "IS THIS ANYTHING?" in the vain hope of stimulation

"I tried to shapeshift into one of those sexy bunnygirl types, but I only got 2/3rds of the way through the outfit before I got bored and horny."

next-level cookie-making tech unlocked: using a melon baller to form the doughballs for chocolate chip rounds

a thing I really like about the viera designs is the darker you make your skin tone the more pronounced the pink spot on their noses is so it makes them look extra rabbity

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