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hey why not have a music thread here, since I had one on twitter? gonna open with a recent favorite; Keiki Kobayashi is one of my favorite composers working in the industry, and they really knocked it out of the park on this one. Check out "Daredevil" from Ace Combat 7, ideally on headphones:

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OC Ref: Carol 

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also since this is relevant to my account: unless otherwise tagged as someone else, assume all art I post is done by @Daikanu

meanwhile, lads, I have made the classic mistake: "reading a thread where someone asks why 40K doesn't have female or nonbinary space marines"

dear god, the takes. it was like being on 4chan circa 2003 again, and that's a fate I would wish on not a single man alive

'oh, it was one bad experience, you can't let it color your opinion forever'

the hell I can't, bitch, I almost killed myself

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in general I'm just really tired of doctors not actually listening to me in favor of just doing whatever they want. like it does not take a brain genius to know someone has an Agenda if you say 'hey this drug made me wanna kill myself' and they still try to prescribe it

anyway, I also started a new workout thing, just doing a few laps across the apartment building, taking the stairs all the way up and down both ways. doing effectively twenty flights of hillclimbers in eight minutes really puts the burn on.

at the very least I made Progress today, even if that progress was 'realize I need to find a different doctor'

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Me: "I have acute anxiety, not depression, and have had suicidal reactions to two different SSRIs in the past. I need benzos."

Doctor: "I'm going to recommend one of those specific SSRIs, or counseling with no long-term options, and I won't give you benzos."

cool, good talk

the biggest trick to getting the game-accurate look was the eyes; in the concept-art all the Rito have wrinkles on their lower eyelines, like actual squint-marks to delineate that section along with the super-thick 'eyeliner' look on the top. none of them have that in-game.

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anyway we've been replaying Breath of the Wild so you know what that means: Rito OC, because we're furry trash

also still reeling at 'remember how I spent like three years doing a single story arc about a one-night house party and it's literally the most infamously badly-paced thing in my comic? yeah well I'm doing it Again'

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in the year of our lord 2020 I cannot physically comprehend that EGS is somehow trying to have a 'don't be prejudiced against nerds' conversation after the last six years or so of cultural discourse, and the character being the mouthpiece for the comment is 100%, dead-on accurate about the problem despite being portrayed as quaintly misguided

in a lot of ways this is a story about a guy who made a big flashy principles stand realizing

A) that has difficult, long-term consequences you can't talk your way out of


B) choosing to abstain from exercising structural power doesn't absolve you from having done nothing

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anyway I started watching Picard and I find it really interesting that Picard himself has this whole arc about realizing his high-minded idealism isn't functional when it isn't backed-up by the biggest ship in the Federation arsenal. it isn't even that his perspective is Bad it's just, naive and lacking in cognizance of his own importance, which is 'very low' given his dedication to burning all his own bridges. the fact that his biggest problem is his own unthinking egotism makes it all gel.

but TNG is often fine with simply draping a comfortable, fuzzy Starfleet blanket over every single possible complaint with a sort of cheerfully snide braggadocio about how Everything Is Fine, now that we're at the End of History.

Nobody changes, nobody grows. By the end of the series, all that has changed is that Data has hobbies and Troi isn't wearing a V-neck pajama onesie. And that's 'okay.' Everything is 'okay.' It's the 90s. Nothing is wrong, forever. It is cultural stasis as a narcotic.

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its best episodes, like Measure Of A Man and Darmok, live up to the promise that working for mutual understanding and respect is difficult. but too often, TNG makes that process simple, or worse, implies the Federation is kind just to HUMOR the simple folk.

DS9 actually addresses the structural imbalance of power between the Federation and smaller states, the way its monoculture obliterates the identities of the worlds it absorbs, the disconnect between its 'pacifism' and its colossal military.

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I'ma be a hundred with you, chief: I don't actually think TNG is all that good, and time has been extremely unkind to it: not just because it feels 'hokey' but because TNG is often dangerously naive, uncomfortably authoritarian, and worryingly self-congratulatory.

at its best? it is still good sci-fi. but at its worst, TNG is insidiously comforting towards its primary target market, middle-class 90s white folks who more than anything want to be reassured they're actually doing Fine.

it is 2020 and in the game titled Animal Crossing, whose primary appeal is interacting with fun animal characters, Nintendo is still dead-set on not allowing you to be an animal

someday someone is going to do a grand epidemiology study on how fascists and TERFs infect cartoon fandoms like plague using My Little Pony and the shitshow the 'brony' thing became as their case study

if you perverts missed this last night, well, now you haven't

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you know for 32 dollars this thing is surprisingly quality. having a full tang is one of those things a lot of makers will fake but this is actually legit

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