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obligatory intro post 

The name's Bea. I live in the PNW with a dog and several strange animals who typically wear human suits. My interests include tabletop RPGs, cooking, card games, boxing, and swordfighting. I have a large variety of OCs, most of whom satisfy my sick sexual thrills, largely revolving around expansion. I'm not looking for any additional romance or flirting, so don't bark up that tree. Cool? Cool.

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also since this is relevant to my account: unless otherwise tagged as someone else, assume all art I post is done by @Daikanu

Love to wake up and notice a major household electronic device that's expensive to replace failing as my first encounter with the waking world.

My buttermilk fried chicken game is starting to become Strong.

cw: food

If you hated The Scene(tm) in Beyond, I just want you to know: you are a boring-ass grognard. The Scene(tm) is in the absolute best traditions of glorious Trek technobabbble nonsense. It's completely earned and perfectly communicates the two-fisted pulp idealism of Trek.

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Finally showed Star Trek: Beyond to my spouse the other day, so that I will not be quite as alone in thinking that movie is absolutely wonderful, not least of which because it pisses off the absolute worst kind of Trek fans something fierce.

Hildegard is frequently frustrated by her condition and often prefers to hide it from others... but will also take care to make sure her floof is styled JUST so, if anyone DOES see her like this.

cw: eye contact

Everybody stop what you're doing immediately and please observe my dog hugging his favorite toy.

Stop putting instant-fail stealth segments in video games. I have hit the stage of my life where I am so violently allergic to this particular game design foible that I will stop playing immediately if you do this. I simply do not have time to waste in this fashion.

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I was having fun playing Judgement, right up until the second tailing mission where you have to take pictures that meet 4 criteria, from an open street, without being spotted or else fail instantly.

I am sorry to say I will not be finishing Takuya Yagami's adventure.

more mapwork! this time my task was 'build an interesting colosseum battle for Mt. Olympus on the plane of Arborea,' so we've got a bunch of fun interactable traps and weapons, lightning throwers on the walls as a stage hazard, and some cool-looking sacred gardens and tree arbors

the fact that Planescape is like 'yeah, Mt. Olympus is just an actual-ass place you can go to' is so delightfully extra, there was basically no way I was going to NOT have a fight happen there

I was having sadbrain last night so we decided to address it with a quick sketch of Hildegard's reindeer form. It did, in fact, help.

cw: eye contact

My actual spiciest Magic take is that Gaea's Cradle and Tolarian Academy require just as much effort as each other to pop off, and frankly, Academy is more vulnerable to getting goozled. Either ban both in EDH or ban neither, but don't ban Academy and leave Cradle running around.

Jeff Bridges staring down his round 1 opponent, a Llanowar Elf in one hand and a Worldly Tutor in the other


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Sleeving-up a Craterhoof Behemoth like a gunfighter loading rounds into a bandolier. Welcome to the rodeo, y'all, because it's time for Cowboy Magic.

for the record: Agatha would be a charge input character with quirky projectiles, multiple disjoints, good aerial options, and both a meterless and metered counterattack special; she's balanced-out by floaty jumps and low speed on the ground due to her awkward gait

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I really love I Want You by Savage Garden as Diamond Is Unbreakable's ending theme, but my darkhorse candidate and unofficial part 4 theme in my head is still What's On Your Mind by Information Society.

cw: mild Jojo part 4 spoilers 

this ultimately all has its payoff in part 4, with the Achtung Baby arc, where everything he does he does to impress his estranged son; few things hit as hard for me as Joseph willingly bleeding-out into the pond and declaring "I just wanted you to think I was cool" to Josuke

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Avdol mentions he cheaped out on the flight to Japan, but as SOON as he sees his grandson, Joseph is all about trying to wow him with his pull and influence with the Speedwagon foundation, trying(and often failing) to seem worldly and cultured around younger men

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almost all of Joseph's fights in part 3 have this weird 'betrayal of the flesh' angle, where his own body is being used against him in some way, or he's let down by his own slipping perception as he gets older, and that ties in to Joseph's need to seem cool to others

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been going back through Stardust Crusaders recently, and looking back on it, I'm struck by how much I like Joseph's characterization throughout and how it informs his appearances in part 4, particularly the themes of 'age will always catch up to you' and his need for approval

if the rule is 'dress for the job you want, not the one you have,' then I'm dressing like a beat 'em up protagonist and practicing my air-juggles

full colors and shading done! as always, @Daikanu killed it.

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