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obligatory intro post 

The name's Bea. I live in the PNW with a dog and several strange animals who typically wear human suits. My interests include tabletop RPGs, cooking, card games, boxing, and swordfighting. I have a large variety of OCs, most of whom satisfy my sick sexual thrills, largely revolving around expansion. I'm not looking for any additional romance or flirting, so don't bark up that tree. Cool? Cool.

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also since this is relevant to my account: unless otherwise tagged as someone else, assume all art I post is done by @Daikanu

cw: food 

today's lunch experiment: while making burgers, I realized that in lieu of mayo, I could use crab salad from yesterday's onigiri, and then used dried ume shiso in place of pickles with indian maggi ketchup

let's just say the Great Burg Off Kanagawa was a big hit

I've never felt more condescended-to by anything than the Marvel announcer. Hearing "That's JUST what I expected!" as I pick a team of Amingo, Servbot and Roll makes me feel seen in the same way as a prison camp spotlight.

you can take this hammer, carry it to the captain
tell him I'm gone, boys
tell him I'm gone

cw: eye contact

watching the EDH community throw a gigantic hissy baby shitfit because LRR didn't give them dessert before their other, larger dessert at the Strixhaven prerelease stream is simultaneously the most expected and most disappointing outcome

you: "hey bea, whatcha thinkin' about"

me, internally: Kingdom Hearts 3 completely sabotaged its otherwise excellent combat with an infuriating insistence on forcing you to use Attraction attacks, thus ensuring you barely ever even got to DO a real combo

me, audibly: "nothing"

Repeat these words three times:

The hero will appear! The hero will appear! The hero will appear!

cw: eye contact

Kirby lore is my absolute favorite. Give me more blood-weeping eyeballs that tear holes in time and space, more eldritch wishing engines, more primordial giants with prophecies of the past and future tattooed on their jet-black hides. Give me colorful nightmares such as these.

the black hellebore meanwhile is a flower historically used both as a medicine and a lethal poison; in greek myth it was used to cure Hercules of the madness sent to him by Hera, and in the language of flowers, it symbolizes anxiety and scandal, but also relief from disaster

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there's deeper meaning going on with the choice of imagery: the morpho butterfly in particular is associated with change and transformation, and symbolizes death and rebirth in many cultures; in particular Mel is associated with morpho peleides, the cannibalistic Emperor Morpho

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inks done! also featuring a close-up on her sword's tsuba; the specific decoration is a morpho butterfly and hellebore flowers

'we're making a remake of The Last Of Us' is the most yawn-inducing news I could possibly imagine hearing and the fact that they basically dragged Sony Bend Studio behind a woodshed and shot them in the head to do it is one of the more ridiculous unforced errors of late

And embarrassment can take a LOT of different forms. It can be a sigh of goofy resignation as you realize your hare-brained scheme didn't work. It can be a hot blush when someone accidentally tweaks your buttons. It can be the white-knuckle thrill of being completely honest.

But fundamentally, I think people are at their best when they're permitted to be vulnerable while still having boundaries, when they have definition but that definition itself has some flex to it.

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I think people are at their most lovable when they're a little bit embarrassed. Shame is an almost purely negative emotion, but embarrassment lets you HAVE your boundaries while still TESTING them. It lets you be vulnerable in a way that still lets you define your shape.

in case you needed a gauge of the exact VARIETY of trashpanda I am, I'm the girl who buys a bunch of bespoke, handmade cocktail syrups and then measures them out by weight so they provide the perfect counterbalance of flavor to the mini-can of diet coke I'm mixing them with

as a heavy metal fan: it is hard to square away my love for metal with what frequently turns out to be the politics of a lot of bands whose music I enjoy

it's REALLY hard to listen to Megadeth anymore given Dave Mustaine's... situation

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