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obligatory intro post 

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OC Ref: Rime 

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hey why not have a music thread here, since I had one on twitter? gonna open with a recent favorite; Keiki Kobayashi is one of my favorite composers working in the industry, and they really knocked it out of the park on this one. Check out "Daredevil" from Ace Combat 7, ideally on headphones:

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OC Ref: Carol 

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also since this is relevant to my account: unless otherwise tagged as someone else, assume all art I post is done by @Daikanu

been a couple weeks for the music thread; my current jam is all about that Guilty Gear, though. Baiken's theme from Xrd Rev 2, "Rokumon," is still one of my faves; I particularly love how it uses recurring hooks and riffs from her prior theme, "Momentary Life," in new contexts:

CW: mh, life status(---) 

CW: mh, life status(---) 

masto I love you but for god's sakes please give me a 'hide this post' function

have entered the phase of my life as a furry where I spend literal hours watching videos of big cat rescues on youtube and nodding sagely any time a lion makes a noise

fucked around in the code vein character generator and while I went for 'punk rock,' I ended up with 'streets of rage stage boss'

CW: mh (-) 

thing in Daemon X Machina's favor #1: oh hey, it's effectively an Armored Core game, including the same design team, but with more polish and a slick art style

thing in Daemon X Machina's favor #2: holy shit I can actually do anime afterimage technique bullshit for real, but in a giant robot

really looking forward to eventually not being woken up by loud, clanky construction noises directly underneath my bedroom

now I can finally send this game to live on a farm upstate with all the other 4Xes that don't live up to Alpha Centauri's legacy

it took me until like 2467 and I had to get into two wars with fallen empires to manage it, but I finally, -finally- got a goddamn federation victory

I think, at last, I can officially say I've mined this game for everything I possibly can

CW: throne of eldraine previews, mtg 

CW: throne of eldraine previews, MTG 

as a small side project to keep us sharp for larger stuff(and something to do on slow days), I've been running a 2-person Numenera campaign with @Daikanu. me being me, my character is a weird frog mutant, so have a WIP of that

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