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It occurred to us we should PROBABLY make a system guide so we can all use this account, so... doing that! Hi; our name is Bea! We're a two-personality median system with a 'merged' self that is very frequently at the front. In the comment followups, I'll go into more detail on our personalities and identifiers!

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obligatory intro post 

The name's Bea. I live in the PNW with a dog and several strange animals who typically wear human suits. My interests include tabletop RPGs, cooking, card games, boxing, and swordfighting. I have a large variety of OCs, most of whom satisfy my sick sexual thrills, largely revolving around expansion. I'm not looking for any additional romance or flirting, so don't bark up that tree. Cool? Cool.

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also since this is relevant to my account: unless otherwise tagged as someone else, assume all art I post is done by @Daikanu

even beyond that though, trying to FIND a decent culture-fit on fediverse is... a nightmare? there's so many servers and so many of them are in a constant state of feuding with one another and fighting over doctrinal conflicts and while I understand that can be very important for community safety(critical, even), I do kind of prefer it when my social life feels like a release valve for the omnipresent political tensions of my existence, not a relitigation of them with cute icons.

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bluntly: decentralization did not, even remotely, have any of the benefits the platform promised, and a lot of that boils down to worsening the already extant problem of context-collapse that seems inherent to social media systems.

instead of one giant stream of bullshit, I instead get twelve concurrent streams of bullshit that do not feel any less aggravating for being smaller and moving slower. it's even more advantageous for bigots trying to dodge blocks because you can just rotate servers.

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I've honestly kind of stopped using this account except to very rarely check in on friends

there's a lot of reasons why but a big one would be 'using fediverse is an even bigger headache for me than twitter and I'm also using that less lately'

where do you place those parts of yourself that exist beyond the lines of the material, that are unreal yet deeply true, the parts that are greater than the body you inhabit, that pull you forward through the sorrows of a waking life

where rests your soul

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okay but for real how do people function without OCs or fursonas

this isn't a joke, it genuinely confuses me

how do you, like, process your existence and dreams and hopes without requiring a vessel to contain that which is desired but strains against the bounds of the tangible

women are a scam by Big Woman to sell more -- uhhh ummmm hold on i got distracted thinking about Big Woman

the queer urge to play untiered decks in ranked and then complain about my ELO

God, Sound and Fury is an incredible album. Country music told Sturgill Simpson 'stay in your lane' and Sturgill Simpson's response was to build an entirely new set of lanes so he could powerslide through them in an eighteen-wheeler while high as a kite.

my actual hottest furry take is simian furries are WILDLY underrated and that the old-fandom debate of 'are apes/monkeys too close to human to count as furries' is one of the absolute dumbest things I've ever seen

cw: japanese politics 

we've narrowed down the list of suspects in Shinzo Abe's shooting to:

* a majority of Japanese citizens under the age of 50
* the Persona 5 development team
* every resident, current and former, of Fukushima
* the entire Kudo-Kai yakuza family
* women, in general

I love how if you actually follow the entire throughline of the Mega Man series, it's basically a small domino of 'Albert Wily really cannot stand his overly-naive college roommate' and a big domino of 'humanity and synthetic life collapse into one another to a point of fusion so complete it is literally impossible to tell the difference between man and machine to the degree the world forgets the distinction.'

cw: mild begposting, boosts unnecessary 

So, it's my birthday in like 15 and some change days. It's been a rough year financially and I've been dealing with a lot of stuff with my family, so if you'd like to make my 35th birthday a bit less stressful, well, here is a link where you can do that:

Many hand-to-hand strikes have a bit of a wind-up. Rex Anne takes that idea VERY literally.

Absolutely amazing commission from, featuring Rex Anne getting ready to do what she does best, which is induct some luckless dork into an impromptu space program.

so when HP Lovecraft is describing 'rubbery 15-foot spheroids infinitely plastic and ductile' does he want me to NOT be turned-on, or...?

cw: mortality 

Uncle passed away about 30 minutes ago. Gonna be a little quiet over here for a bit. Don't really need or want condolences.

"Good evening Rex Anne. I see you have driven here in your Peugeot."

AMAZIN' pixel art of the Mane Event herself done-up all Out Of This World-style by This is so frickin' RAD.

"yeah can I get my latte with femboy milk, I mean femboy milk, I mean fe-"

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suddenly remembering that 'soy boy' bit where alt-right dudes got convinced soy milk caused breast growth as though people would not be two-fisting cartons every day if that were case

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