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obligatory intro post 

The name's Bea. I live in the PNW with a dog and several strange animals who typically wear human suits. My interests include tabletop RPGs, cooking, card games, boxing, and swordfighting. I have a large variety of OCs, most of whom satisfy my sick sexual thrills, largely revolving around expansion. I'm not looking for any additional romance or flirting, so don't bark up that tree. Cool? Cool.

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oc refs, updated: Carol 

genetics expert, virologist, accidental alien hybrid, mecha pilot, mild psionic, posthuman cyborg, anti-fascist resistance fighter, first human romantically involved with an alien.

Dr. Carol Barreau has a busy life, but she keeps it together the best way she knows how: with lots of stimulants, regular sexual stimulation, and enough high-velocity particle-jacketed plasma weaponry to ignite a gas giant.

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hey why not have a music thread here, since I had one on twitter? gonna open with a recent favorite; Keiki Kobayashi is one of my favorite composers working in the industry, and they really knocked it out of the park on this one. Check out "Daredevil" from Ace Combat 7, ideally on headphones:

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also since this is relevant to my account: unless otherwise tagged as someone else, assume all art I post is done by @Daikanu

(Also you can find the ridiculously big [742 games] Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality here, which is splitting proceeds 50/50 between the ActBlue community bail fund and NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund)

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On top of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality on itch, some folks I know are part of a ttrpg-focused game bundle. Proceeds are going to the ActBlue bail fund

it's legit pretty awesome to have a lil' Catapult mini hanging out on my desk. I spent most of my time in MW2: Mercenaries piloting one after yanking out the LRM racks and replacing them with SRM-6s to turn it into a flanker, so I've got a lot of fond memories of it

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'blue lives matter' is maybe the most enraging partsof the bootlick call-and-response because it equivocates someone's CHOICE to pursue a career in violent suppression of minorities with ETHNICITY. it wants you to think of 'cop' as a RACIAL IDENTITY.

nobody, barring extremely misguided democratic politicians, 'chooses' to be black the same way cops choose to wield nightsticks and tear gas. you cannot equivocate ethnicity and career, especially when it's predicated upon state-organized violence.

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can't believe I'm out here having to explain this but no, 'blue lives' don't matter, because there aren't any fucking blue PEOPLE, unless you count that one dumbass libertarian guy who ate too much homeopathic colloidal silver because he was afraid of Y2K

it's been a long time, old friend.

someday I'll actually do a writeup on all the insane bullshit surrounding the history of the Unseen mechs in Battletech because it's not only fascinating, it involves international trade law, Apartheid, and the people behind Breakin' 2

that's what you need to comprehend; I got off EASY. I saw dozens of kids in the system who were going to be in and out of prison their whole lives because their exploitation is an industry unto itself. most were black.

if you are trying to tell we need half-hearted 'reform' as opposed to demobilization, disarmament, and reparations for the damage already done, you're fooling yourself, and your children, and your children's children will pay for your shortsightedness.

push. all the way.

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my experience with the police is being dragged away from my mother at 11 PM at night to be thrown in YDC for a week pre-trial over truancy and weed possession, then I got sent upriver for months because the judge was getting kickbacks from a private prison company.

I was 14.

and I was LUCKY.

it has only one goal, ever: deprive you of resources. it has no other way to behave and no other meaningful way to interact. it never feels like you're fighting actual people. it feels like you're fighting a monolithic computer who hates SPECIFICALLY you. I'm not fighting House Marik or House Liao, I'm fighting A.M. from I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream.

and that's where it falls apart. it's a decent sim of tabletop rules. pity my only opponent is a godlike lunatic with no grasp of tactics.

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you will only ever have 4 mechs, and it will have 8+, always. that's bad enough, but the real issue is how the AI plays, which is genuinely unfair.

see, the AI never has pilots retreat or punch-out to save themselves. it will fight with suicidal aggression, to the last, every time, no matter what the situation is, because it doesn't have a strategic layer to worry about. the AI always has effectively INFINITE resources, and because of that, it plays in a way that is genuinely insane.

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Battletech is one of those games that's really fun every time -except- when it tries to get cute, and then it's absolutely miserable. trying to do the flashpoint for the Raven prototype and the final mission is just a fuckin' slog, not to mention the inane tonnage restrictions.

here's the deal: if this were a tabletop match, then tonnage restrictions are fine because the opposing player has to obey the same restrictions.

but the AI of a computer game doesn't, and won't.

anyway, where was I before all of the last week or so? oh right, yeah, weird magical shorties. Shevoc, one of my characters for an upcoming D&D game, now in full-color glory! she specializes in earth and shadow magic; I'm sure the glowing eyes don't mean anything bad at all

cops looking for 'outside agitators' the same way historians have been trying to figure out who the 'Sea People' were ever since the Bronze Age Collapse

"why does every peaceful protest turn violent when the cops show up" is one of those questions where I am still stunned some people have trouble connecting the dots on the "when the cops show up" part

also gonna reiterate this because people keep stumbling on this one, if you fit more than one of the following criteria and message or reply to me, I'm going to ignore you:

* Asking a leading question with no context
* Account set to private
* 'Analytics' or 'tracking' anywhere in your profile at all
* "IT Wizard" or "Telecom Ninja" or "Marketing Shaman" or anything resembling such
* "Boosts are not endorsements" anywhere visible whatsoever
* "just here for art! no politics please"

Reminder that it is okay to step away and take care of yourself. These are trying times, but beware saviorism; the movement does not hinge entirely on you. Others will take up the fight, and when you've refueled, you can let them step back when you step up. We're in this together.

weird how the King County Courthouse had a 'threat' called in by an 'unknown source' right before protestors were about to have their bail hearings. gee, I wonder what kind of organization would stand to gain from critics of the police being held in jail with no accountability

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