so the weirdest thing in shoreline right now is a rash of art pianos appearing overnight in public places and like, either this is a weirdly specific civic program or we have a cabal of guerilla piano decorators

@hystericempress we used to have about three or four appear every summer time on rainless weeks around here, but lately they’ve been absent and I can only guess at the current state of all those 20+ year old pianos painted like rivers and tree lines.


probably the civic program. I've been in places that did something like that with pigs, and horses. (statue ones, not pets or food)

@hystericempress I used to live there and remember these fondly.

I saw signs implying a civic program but that's just what a shadowy cabal would use as a cover story.


Ah we have this same thing happen in Oregon on occasion.

@lyliawisteria @hystericempress It's pretty easy to get free pianos as long as you're willing to *move* them. That's the hard part. They're heavy and delicate at the same time, with an awkward shape.

(We have this in Boston as well.)

@hystericempress also now i wanna come to shoreline and play on an art piano

@hystericempress Are they in tune and playable? Has anyone sat down and started jamming on 'em?

@bamfic @hystericempress

they do this in parts of England too (possibly all across Europe).

Usually the pianos are indeed playable, and are put in public places quite deliberately so people can play them (its brought out signifcant talent from homeless folk, postmen and other sections of society not always associated with piano skills..

@anymouse_404 I presume the same way you do for a wooden house, a coat of clear sealant paint.

@hystericempress @anymouse_404 you'll still get water in the keys, there's no overhang on the short sides of the cover and at the hinges. Whether that's a problem, I don't know
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