saw the screenname 'gamer rights activist' on somebody replying to my spouse and I just kind of want to start screaming and never, ever stop

listen, my dude: you're entitled to a lot of basic human rights, but no humanitarian organization, anywhere on earth, has recognized 'access to Nintendo products' as one of them. you have a right to seek happiness and satisfaction and endorphin release in whatever forms you wish, but nobody is obligated to -give it to you- if doing so interferes with, say, their right to health, sleep, food, and breathable oxygen.

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@hystericempress being a fan of games in 2019 has become so fucking exhausting

@hystericempress "Centrist, capitalist, nerd supremacist." Well color me fucking surprised, 'cause I could only smell their sense of entitlement all the way from over here. >___<

@zebratron2084 bonus points for 'telling a professional artist what their job entails and what work is involved in it' from the standpoint of 'no experience whatsoever.'

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