email from landlord company: 'we are an essential service, and we're here to serve' followed immediately by 'we are continuing to suspend all in-apartment repair and maintenance and all common areas are closed indefinitely'

first against the wall when the bullets fly, scum

LANDLORDS DO NOT PROVIDE AN 'ESSENTIAL SERVICE.' nothing about collecting rental fees during a Shelter In Place emergency is 'essential' except for how essentially morally bankrupt it is

to be clear: the actual building staff are fine, they're doing what they can with their hands shackled by the property management company, especially the maintenance crew, but christ alive this is fucking tone-deaf

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How about those "suggestions to pass the time," though. Get up against that wall with my "2020 vision board made from that stack of old magazines," I was careful not to use tacks or nails but the bullets might be a problem

@Cerulean god, that one was fuckin' OUT THERE. I half-expected them to give me advice on how to make a fun children's game out of a barrel hoop and a stick.

@hystericempress landlord are an essential service? 😂😂😂 Oh that's some hardcore bullshitting

@hystericempress sounds like they just gave everyone a big reason to rent strike.

oh shit look at the time!

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