the eternal dichotomy: "really into beefy-chunky bara body types" but also "extremely a lesbian"

where all the girl-bara at, y'all? gimme a lady with a gut and biceps that could strangle a rhino. do I gotta just do this myself all the time

@hystericempress oh hey, you might know: who is a good person to commission for art of a very short and very muscular character?

@maidofclay so that depends on how detailed you want the muscles! if you're looking for 'soft-buff shortstack' and at furry artists in particular, my partner Daikanu is actually pretty good at that. Ocaritna could also probably cover you if you want something firmer-looking. the top-end high-budget option is probably Strype, but they're not open that often.

@hystericempress not really looking for real defined or vascular, and in fact a feeling of softness over the muscle would be best. I'll check with Daikanu, then, thanks!

@hystericempress oh! Important question: are they okay with drawing trans gals?

@maidofclay well, they're basically my spouse, and I'm trans, so, yeah I can say with relative certainty they're fine with transpeople. (also they're genderfluid, so)

@hystericempress -thumbs up-
just double-checking! I've known other trans folks who wren't comfortable with drawing certain body parts on people even if it's parts they have, because... well, dysphoria.

@maidofclay yeah, I feel you. best place to contact 'em is usually on Furaffinity, same username!


Got a mini that kind of falls into that category.

Very not finished painting

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