honest to god I think the actual mark of maturity is understanding when something doesn't affect your life to the point you can safely ignore it. one of the most toxic things about Online is the idea that you have to care about Everything, 24/7, but that's not... good for you

a thing I think about a lot is the concept of the 'Monkeysphere,' which is basically that the human mind is capable of tracking somewhere around 100 to 150 actual individuals or embodied concepts in detail, but everything past that is just sort of a vague blurry mass

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neurologically-speaking we aren't equipped to deal with the idea of there being 7 billion other people we have to have opinions about. your brain was designed to identify important details about friends, family, and what shadowy thing in the grass is a lion vs. more grass

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I say this with all sincerity and the utmost degree of love in my heart: give your exhausted-ass brain a break sometimes. when you see something stupid, if it's not actually harmful, maybe just go 'I don't have to have an opinion about this' and go hang with your favorite monkeys

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