broke: "what class and race did you go with for your character"

woke: "what subclass and background did you go with for your character"

bespoke: "what's your character's fursona"

@hystericempress sometimes i wonder this about well-established canon characters from media
what is superman's fursona?
what is captain america's?
I am strongly of the opinion that Batman's fursona is not a bat, but is instead A Cool Dog.
Bruce Wayne is totally one of those people who is supporting countless artists through regular high-priced commissions and patreon donations.


@maidofclay I strongly feel that Captain America has a very Warner Bros.-esque cartoon eagle who he conceives of as the Jerry to Red Skull's Tom

Superman's fursona is a rabbit because he read the Velveteen Rabbit as a teen for writing class and the metaphor -really- got to him

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