"If monsters are intelligent enough to be a character in their own right, treat them like they're actually people" is a rule I want stapled onto the soul of every RPG player on earth.


okay, I'm starting to Get the flow for Demon Slayer as a class, which is it's all about timing-based strings of charged attacks, which is like... hot DAMN, somebody's FINALLY making a tabletop game that plays like a spectacle brawler

the way it works is a lot of Demon Slayer's moves have a 'Charge' property, which boosts their effect if you take a 'slow turn,' IE, voluntarily going LAST in initiative order, which means you need to be careful about positioning to actually land one

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but you also have two other major properties: Demon Strength and Hissatsu

Demon Strength lets you upgrade ANY attack to a 'Heroic' version with boosted or different effects, but prevents you from attacking on your next turn Hissatsu, meanwhile, doubles damage for your NEXT attack if you DON'T attack on a turn

Hissatsu's activated version can stack with Demon Strength and Charge, fyi, and Demon Slayer ALSO gets a 'perfect block' move that makes you essentially invulnerable on off-turns

so you can set up turn sequences like 'activate Demon Strength, make two attacks with Demon Cutter + Demon Splitter, inflict Vulnerable on my target; next turn, no attack, use action to activate Royal Guard to put myself in super armor, activate Limit Break: Split Heaven And Hell to charge a God-Cutting Blow, Hissatsu is live; next turn, activate Demon Strength + Hissatsu, fire God-Cutting Blow: Draken Cross and attack three times to obliterate every enemy in this encounter'

it's so fucking RAD

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