gonna note once again that describing people's religion as a 'fantasy' is a shitty thing to do when there are much more temporally-relevant reasons for why they're behaving like a complete pylon

please try not to resemble 'angry atheist youtube man' as much as possible, thanks


you can have ALL KINDS of objections to a religious doctrine. you can object on interpretation of scripture, you can object to the tenets of an individual sect, you can object to a religious group as a mortal hierarchy. but please don't immediately go for 'this is fake lol'

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it turns out personal beliefs aren't 'fantasy' just because they're intangible. social gender roles aren't 'tangible.' if you're nonbinary you already KNOW the gender spectrum is not physicalized except insofar as we believe it to be. learn to apply that to other concepts, please

@hystericempress funny how people can believe that all our thoughts, reasoning and desires are actual physical arrangements of water, lipids and electrical signals

but that social constructs, by virtue of being such, have no reality

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