@Moot Leech Cluster isn't too bad if you have the awareness perk that lets you auto-break grabs but you can't do a damn thing about Haunted Cave, it's just bonkers

Oh. So THAT'S what the 'Haunted Cave' modifier does in Deep Rock Galactic.

I solo'd it, but that was about the most harrowing 30 minutes of gameplay I've ever done.

Battletech shitpost, caps 

@Naux I'm one of them, and I do.

@Soreth It's amusing to me now mostly as a really bizarre artifact of early Magic. Running this one in Sorensen Tempo in Canlander is a hoot; nobody ever sees the 3-mana blue burn spell coming in the Simic '1-and-2-drop creatures and pump spells' deck.

Remember when Blue was allowed to have cheaper Fireblast with an arguably-better drawback? That sure was an era.

Also, love this wizard's Robert Z'Dar-ass chin.

@PsyChuan I have, in fact, killed a Praetorian with a grenade launcher shot midway through a 480 on my way back to the rig. Unbelievable levels of dorfamine release.

I choose to believe the Platform Gun is not firing some kind of advanced aerogel foam epoxy, but is instead simply launching highly-compressed dwarven spray-cheese that congeals instantly on contact with air. This is what space miners get instead of hardtack and salt pork.

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Sometimes on a refinery mission, you gotta make a messy plate of spaghetti, and that's just the way it is. Each time this happens, I sigh, roll up my sleeves, and surf the platform gun to victory.

@urukuduk Every little bit of Dungeon Meshi content is a blessing from heaven.

she's going to suplex you directly into your gym locker and you're going to like it the whole time

I'd apologize for this feed being nothing but furry art and Deep Rock Galactic fashion shots lately, but in my defense: my OC is very cool and dwarves are great.

Today I landed a single grenade shot in the middle of a swarm of twenty glyphids on a cavern roof and showered the entire chamber with enough ichor to paint the floor green. Engineer is definitely my number-one class in Deep Rock Galactic.

cw: food 

had a bunch of leftover cheesesteak filling with provolone after last night's dinner and I made it into an omelette with pickled banana peppers on the side and it tastes impossibly decadent

Deep Rock Galactic things: That feeling when the hidden cache from a downed miner is located inside the completely-vertical shaft the drop-pod drilled to enter the level, and that subsequent feeling when you get it anyway because you're playing Engineer and the Platform Gun is amazing.

today in Magic: managed to win a game through a boardstate where somebody resolved a Thieves' Auction, which probably puts me in pretty exclusive company

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