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sitting over here wishing more games went as fucking hard as Warframe did when it included an anticapitalist chain-gang spiritual as the -intro sequence- for a new zone:

this just arrived at my house 'accidentally' and I feel extremely attacked

there's sea shanties, na shanties, and eu shanties depending on what region you're in

not being good at something is frankly very liberating. I suggest everyone who follows me try something they're bad at without any expectation of learning or growth. lots of fun

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if it looks jank compared to other edits folks are doing, well, I've been at this 2 months and the the only editing tool I have access to is MS Paint. this was edited one pixel at a time, because I am very deliberate, extremely stubborn, and totally unskilled

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short kings forever

IPS-N Caliban designed after Eddie Wu from Lancer's No Room For A Wallflower splat. used Retrograde Minis as a base, and based the color scheme off concept art from Gerard Kalashnikoff, findable over here:

genuinely cannot get over how -unpleasant- this game's combat feels, every moment feels like it's happening after passing through a dimension of pure treacle. the camera whips around like it's on a bungie cord and it's trying to do Arkham-style combat with no timing cues

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spent exactly ten minutes playing Greedfall and put it down forever after I died because the camera clipped into a pillar and I only got it unstuck in time to watch my character be volley-fired to death by flintlocks as I was walking down an alley less than 500 feet from my house

also this is the site I'm using and then doinking around in MSPaint, as a reminder:

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"I'm what you might call a real voidchaser," I say, polishing the hood of a Colonial Viper up on blocks in my front yard that, near as anybody can tell, has never once left ground. "I sleep down here, but living? I live up there." I become woozy from the height of my stepladder.

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I am the space opera equivalent of a Wisconsin shipping clerk who has spent 30 years swearing he'll actually get his pilot's license, spending 2 Saturdays a month psyching himself up to go over 15,000 feet before getting too nervous.

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I keep making attempts to get into Elite: Dangerous after being handed a copy years ago, bouncing off of it completely, and giving up for another 5 to 6 months. I've racked up like 20 hours and never finished the tutorial.

CW: Lancer, No Room For A Wallflower spoilers, sprite edits 

IT it it it can’t be seen but can’t you see it it him he they’re here they’re HERE JUST beyond
THE WALLS THAT just beyond WHAT WE CAN SEE I CAN I was once free I was JUST

cw: Lancer, No Room For A Wallflower spoilers, sprite edits 

oh hey, slapped these together on a lark for my upcoming campaign

name me a SINGLE MEDIA PLATFORM that exists entirely separate from private ownership. name ONE. fuck's sakes, even fediverse instances are owned by a maintainer. this is a shibboleth, nothing else.

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