do you remember that roguish lucario I drew a while back? I ended up brainstorming a bit of a setting, and a partner for him. this is the partner! he's a slightly shifty lookin zoroark (but I promise he's a good boy)

From birdsite 

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Reminder for people out on the streets. Img credit: Matt Lubchansky

hot take language is literally meaningless if it can't communicate thoughts and ideas and it has no reason to exist if it can't change with new concepts

imagine trying to change peoples wholeass identities because the bullshit hooting noises you make with your food sphincter are absolutely sacrosanct


Oh my god everything is either closed or overpriced as shit

what level of reliability could i even have expected from places whose websites are just facebook pages

Guess i might have to walk the 0.7 mile back emptyhanded and wait three hours to go eat

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"there are only two sexes" that's weird bc I have had dozens of sexes so maybe try putting yourself out there more


Gonna pack up and trek to the closest downtown area where the small biz restaurants are and hopefully they'll be open and not too expensive,

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eating disorder? food insecurity? 

one of those "i wish i was neurotypical and could eat natural human food" days

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eating disorder? food insecurity? 

i have food in my dorm but it's all dry cereal and pure sugar junk

the dining hall isn't serving pizza and there won't be plain burgers available until 4:30

i can't get myself to eat vegetables and fruit, and i swear the deli is never actually open so i can't get bread without stealing the whole loaf

it's a Sunday so all the good on-campus fast food places are closed for weekends or Jesus

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eating disorder? food insecurity? 

would be cool if i could actually get to eat lunch today

In response to Facebook making some public statements about this, Tim Cook said “If a business is built on misleading users, on data exploitation, on choices that are not choices at all, then it does not deserve our praise."

And he also indirectly criticised Facebook for being highly responsible for far-right extremism and anti-vaxxer bullshit. lol.

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Art!; reddit link 

I've finally finished this piece aaaaaaaa

Been working on it intermittently since July 2020!

This depicts Computronics Technician Atieno at work aboard a jovian station

Here's a link to all the tasty worldbuilding details!

And a youtube link for good measure

This piece has been the singularly most complex scene I've ever done, with over 170 objects (not counting the stars in space), several bespoke assets created for this piece, and stars know how many keyframes

If I hadn't stopped myself here I would've kept working on it for another several months lol

universities are teaching your children arabic numerals to institute shakira law

it's funny to me how much of hacker culture has become this weird performance of the worst parts of what the community was 20 years ago. The "script kiddies" all got corporate and government jobs that tolerate their faux-revolutionary/edgy performances in order to recruit impressionable boys.

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awful internet pol 

literally nothing i've ever learned in my life has been as shocking or simultaneously Completely Unsurprising to me as learning that the term "incel" was coined by a woman who wanted an inclusive and accepting space to discuss lack of sexual activity due to mental illness and other marginalization

"why do you even need libraries when all the information in the world is on the internet" because it's all behind a paywall and the library is a battering ram

did a match to test my deck and the first thing the guy casts is like "reveal cards until you get one that isn't a land" and then 40 of his cards are lands and then a card that's "if you cast this and your graveyard is bigger than your library you win" and throws all 40 lands in the discard pile

absolutely hitting the concede button on that one

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