Why is it always So Long Gay Bowser and not Hello How Are You Gay Bowser

you'll totally own me if you send me $1,000 USD. i'd be so embarrassed

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Hey I know we're all in a stressful time right now.My job has barely scheduled me in weeks and I really don't know how much longer I'll be there.

I'm a photographer working with very limited gear that is all old and really needs upgrading at some point. I could really use some help staying on my feet so I can keep doing what I love, as my photos are posted for free because I just love sharing what I'm passionate about.

Please support if you can :


warning controversial (silly) 

i think that belly. tummy , even


hey jeff bezos we have an interesting business proposition to discuss in person

Meanwhile, in Maryland, a public safety alert that i can't write an image description for because it would be really screenreader unfriendly

edu worry 

Agghhhhhh i sooo don't feel like doing anything but if i keep being tired and not doing things i'm not gonna be able to plan and write this giant paper in time

lmao how has Thanksgiving not lost it's meaning with general america??? Do people even know that it's two words combined? Like, I feel like some words after being said for so long over and over again just makes them lose meaning completely.... Not that Thanksgiving has any good meanings btw! But it's just another nothing word, a sound now, with nothing behind it.

It's just a day we cook a lot of food on. Even the fake meaning we came up with is lost. Just kinda weird.

Advertisement for a native owned online gift shop 

Buying gifts?

"Eighth Generation is a Seattle based art and lifestyle brand owned by the Snoqualmie Tribe. We partner with community-based Native artists around the country to design, manufacture and market beautiful wool blankets and gifts intended for everyone around the globe. In doing so, we are boldly reclaiming control over the market for products featuring Native art and the stories that go with them[...]"

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Mixed feelings about Thanksgiving 

This colonizer holiday started as a bullshit story our ancestors started telling each other to wash from history the genocide they waged against the native peoples of this land. A genocide that is _still_ ongoing today.

It's also about the only holiday in which my family practices an actual ritual that I adore: Taking time to show gratitude to that which and those who've helped you throughout the year.

Change on this scale is so hard to reconcile. :bloboh:

Suggestion: Donate to some indigenous charities today, and encourage others to do the same.

Privilege is when you had a good time in high school

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