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@evelyn Fact: 9/11 was planned via Twitter DMs but due to the strong encryption they couldn’t be stopped. It was only when Osama joined a mastodon instance and his admin read his DMs that his location was discovered
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Having repetitive nightmares about something is a sign of trauma/ptsd so

I ask u, adults who have long ago graduated... do you still get nightmares about school?

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So, to recap: Elon Musk bought 9% of Twitter's shares, and in the process violated disclosure rules (you have to publicly disclose within a certain amount of time that you've acquired more than 5% of a company's shares, and Musk waited a week too long; this kept stock prices low so he could keep buying).

He believed that Twitter would agree to make him CEO or Chairman based on this purchase, since he was the single largest shareholder.

When they instead just offered him a seat on the board, he threw a tantrum and offered to buy the whole company outright, pushing the stock price up so that when he sells his shares in a fit of pique, he'll make more money.

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kink meta 

viewing every social interaction through the lens of dom/sub dynamics is kinda fucked up, actually

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tech weirdos will literally invest lots of time, money, and energy into making robots to crap out mediocre digital paintings instead of just paying artists to create things

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Surprised to learn that "Leg so hot, hot hot leg, leg so hot you fry an eg" is from 2012 tumblr

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Yes, this
one... right
here... rub it
on your face ->

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youtube video: transhuman
me: :o
brain: you know they don't mean, like, gender, right
me: D:

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Unis should just let you study what you want how you want it, give us the classes and professors and the library but let us choose how we engage with the material and what we want to learn

grumbling, twitch culture 

White dudes on twitch be like *gets an entire mob of edgy teenagers to do something destructive for a funny meme*

i made a real twitter AD for furry stuff and my horomones have gone Up i think

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money beg, boosts good 

Hey so, I'm down $430 for bein able to make rent again, I have everything else covered thankfully but still very short since I haven't been able to have much income :<

Praying for next month to be better but if you wanna help out it'd be very appreciated once again:


(only ko-fi cuz paypal throws my legal name out there and cashapp and stuff aren't in canada)

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tired of being unable to right click and save an image? sick of developers using divs with "background-image" instead of an img tag? transparent 1x1 pixel gifs getting in your way?

with the right-click borescope, now everything is possible! links below~

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