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:boost_requested: takin donations for Trans Day of Visibility 

hi hello still disabled and brown and fuckin tired. sorry I have nothing heartwarming right now.

venmo and cashapp are sunfirewolf

boosts exactly as loved as donations <33333 :boost_requested:

#transcrowdfund #disabilitycrowdfund #begpost

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with e3 cancelled how will i know if the crowd goes mild now

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update: i did and now i have lost 16 hours of the past 3 days (positive tone)

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Whole group of grown ass adults who still hold a "if I make u mad then I win" ideology like we on the playground

going 2 purchase Deus Ex (2000) sometime because i think it seems neat

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Begpost, please boost 

If you're feeling generous, money has been tight since I left my abusive workplace, and really need help making rent this month.

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people act like top and bottom mean active and passive and that's bullshit. top and bottom are determined by your aspect, while active and passive are determined by your class

drug abuse? 

i only tried caffiene, though, that's all i can get my hands on luckily, and honestly it actually kinda works fine some nights

i should probably actually see a doctor about adhd meds but with my half diagnosed status, my wishy-washy psych, and the pressure of family social norms or college work i have put that off for two years already

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drug abuse 

i'm in bed at home so i definitely won't act on it, but the "theorizing about taking stimulants to attempt to induce periods of heightened awareness and creative drive" mood is setting in again, thanks to fun discussions with someone i look up to making me wish i was like them

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Lol, the Halo TV show is about Master Chief? How about a documentary about different shades of white paint instead.


had a fun day at the mall and am sippin on a chocolate shake on the way home

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