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Hello Plush City! o/

My name's Jack, although I use the handle "Jackalune" a lot of the time.

I use they/them pronouns!
:heart_nb: :heart_pan: :BetterPrideHeart:

I really like Final Fantasy XIV and will probably talk about it a lot. I also like Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and a variety of other games!

I do browser game development, web development, and the art thing sometimes.

Thanks for stopping by o/

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My wonderful workplace is looking for hiring more Godot developers! Super friendly and flexible remote work environment. This place has been my dream job for the last few years.

(if i'm gonna use this browser at all, i actually DO want access to their built-in free game aggregator, which is one of the things being blocked in this situation)

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realistically, i'd probably be grumpy about it auto-whitelisting itself but the fact it doesn't indicate to me what to whitelist (or give me some option about it) is just very funny.

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trying out the Opera GX (""gamer"") browser and it's very funny to me that it has a built-in NoScript setting (cool enough), but turning it on blocks some of the built-in functions that I assume are just being served as like. iframes or w/e program equivalent. because it doesn't whitelist its own stuff.

bonus: it also doesn't tell me what it's delivering so that *I* can whitelist it.

webcomic artists who edit their comics to multiple formats for posting (like 2x2 panel for twitter then 1x4 panel for webtoon) are so strong.

I can't manage to post my art in more than one or two places at all. let alone edit it differently for each one


I fell back asleep and had a dream about this dream wherein I was telling everyone I needed to go to the doctor for this and folks were like "??? what? that's not a thing you must have dreamt it"

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just woke up from a dream in which orcas were migrating through a local river and a small one came to shore to be petted.

except I found out later that apparently that's a sign of the orca having an illness it could spread to me

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complaining about tailwindcss 

i have given up on tailwind once again

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complaining about tailwindcss 

i think css should stop existing and i should be able to beam design directly from my brain to the computer

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complaining about tailwindcss 

except there's nothing to try because only barebones is included lol.

which means ultimately I guess I'll have to find a copy of everything possible to include? and use that? so the bloat issue is back

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complaining about tailwindcss 

context: I'm using tailwindcss for a project in which it is massive overkill, as an excuse to learn it, since it seems popular? also I hate css.
I normally use bootstrap for large projects. it's fine and well known but does have bloat issues.

so I see tailwind solves those bloat issues by only including the base out of the box and you only add what you need. great. cool.

problem created: my normal learning method is to try stuff and see what works

we may never know why Gilbert was in the bathroom

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my fiance: "why is Gilbert [my parents cat] in the bathroom?"
me: "what?"
fiance: "why is Gilbert in the bathroom?"
me, coming to check, as Gilbert exits: ".... what."

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