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Hello Plush City! o/

My name's Jack, although I use the handle "Jackalune" a lot of the time.

I use they/them pronouns!
:heart_nb: :heart_pan: :BetterPrideHeart:

I really like Final Fantasy XIV and will probably talk about it a lot. I also like Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and a variety of other games!

I do browser game development, web development, and the art thing sometimes.

Thanks for stopping by o/

i listened to this video today while working and it was incredibly interesting.

My friend just introduced me to hazel last night and her anime knowledge and investigative reporting made for a very fun watch.

(Def interesting if you like anime, maybe interesting if you're just interested in lost/obscure media recovery)

apparently they're reactivating it without changes soon but are going to improve security later?

mumble grumble

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i didn't realize the heroku integration to github was still down after the security issue earlier this year.

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Looking for Your Favorite Zines! :boost_ok: 

Hey y'all! :blobwave:

I'm going to try to make a few zines this summer and part of that project is finding interesting or creative examples of zines to use as inspiration (and also to print and stuff into tiny libraries around Seattle).

If you know of any particularly awesome Zines, I'd love it if you'd share them with me! :blobsmilehappyeyes:

what is the etiquette for interacting (assume positive/neutral interact, I'm really not on masto to argue haha) with posts by folks on the federated timeline? is it usually considered okay unless the poster's profile explicitly says "please don't"?

birdsite link (linktree alternatives) 

Obviously own website is always gonna be best but I know not everyone can for various reasons, so. Some alternatives + the source who compiled them:

"👉 Koji
👉 Milkshake
👉 Carrd

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mmm linktree implementing web3 bs. That sucks

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food ment 

not me getting super excited telling the doctor how happy I am to be functional to make lunches now lol

very nice day today. very sunny slightly breezy, very good

being trans is great and cool and i wouldn't trade it for being cis but i am slightly jealous cis people probably don't go into immobile panic mode when their own hair gets long enough to barely touch their neck

why is the top of one (1) of my feet hot

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gonna go read about the cat ears thing

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i'm laughing so fucking hard

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my favorite web dev trick is to make a bunch of changes to my code and then not reload the page, all while wondering why my changes aren't showing up

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