Been organizing and sorting out a ton of old games and stuff to sell cause I need the money and seeing how many options there are for like... really good/pretty cheap portable emulation is helping a lot honestly.

Super eyeing up Retroid Pocket 2+ (or whatever sequel they release eventually) for a "want" one day. Under $100 and plays everything through N64/PSP? Sign me up.

Hell I could rig a RasPi to do emulation on so.
I dunno. Helps to think about it like that haha

(I know it would defeat the purpose of selling stuff for money to buy one now but i am looking Respectfully)

I'm also thinking about the fact that the replacement parts for these are like. under five dollars and readily available to just. buy. if you need them.

compared to Nintendo. and their whole deal. just that whole situation

help I called the black one blue in the image description, why did my brain do this. I EVEN PROOFREAD. Anyway the vertical console in the back is black, not blue.

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