complaining about tailwindcss 

context: I'm using tailwindcss for a project in which it is massive overkill, as an excuse to learn it, since it seems popular? also I hate css.
I normally use bootstrap for large projects. it's fine and well known but does have bloat issues.

so I see tailwind solves those bloat issues by only including the base out of the box and you only add what you need. great. cool.

problem created: my normal learning method is to try stuff and see what works


complaining about tailwindcss 

except there's nothing to try because only barebones is included lol.

which means ultimately I guess I'll have to find a copy of everything possible to include? and use that? so the bloat issue is back

complaining about tailwindcss 

i think css should stop existing and i should be able to beam design directly from my brain to the computer

complaining about tailwindcss 

i have given up on tailwind once again

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