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Assistance request 

so, uh, we... need some help. our one partner who can work is in the hospital and likely will be for several days, which is gonna really hurt our income for this month, and we need some help buying food and groceries and stuff

anything helps


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The joinfediverse.wiki has really come a long way since last I looked at it. Glad to see this project evolve and get lots of translations into various languages!

The really owl cute mascot by @davidrevoy

Also thanks to @olamundo for reminding me about this project

:fediverse: :fediverse: :fediverse:

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all caps 

DUNGEON MESHI ANIME, DUNGEON MESHI IS GETTING AN ANIME, ITS ANIMATED BY STUDIO TRIGGER, I audibly gasped so hard, my fiance thought something was wrong

dozed off on the loveseat with our cat. not good for my back but I missed sitting with him. he won't sit in the chairs when it's too hot

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does anyone know of any resources about nonbinary identity that would be accessible to a newly out older nb in prison? text only or black-and-white zines are preferred

@testoceratops I love this idea so much!! Will you get a custom made one or did you find one that fits without needing to custom order it?

I think I will add fae/faer to my pronouns list for a bit. see how I feel about that

I wonder if anyone has ever used GitHub copilot and thought "this is good and helpful and will save me dev time"

Like, even ignoring the fact it steals open source work to sell uncredited... is it... actually useful for anyone or anything? I don't think I've ever seen a positive about its results

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Time-Sensitive: help needed to keep autistic Native man in shelter:

tl;dr my boyfriend's opportunity ditched him because he had to go to the hospital. we desperately need another $300 to keep him in a hotel until a case manager has had the opportunity to show up and whip us up some help with other options.

I'm so sorry but please.

CashApp/Venmo nuktibromos

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The fancy pink beaded socks are done! These are up for grabs, so if anyone wants them for the cost of postage, let me know 😊

Size approx: UK 9-11, EU 43-45 ish

Boosts appreciated :boost_requested: 💜

@ myself 

submitting a formal request to Life to chill the fuck out for a day, please!!

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Someone on one of our group chats shared this: a possum-themed "Protect Trans Youth" shirt/hoodie/mug/keychain/tote is currently for sale, benefiting the Alabama chapter of TransFamily Support Services: greenpeapress.com/campaign/p/p

Sizes top out at a 3XL for unisex tee, unisex hoodie, and hourglass tee - these all measure 29 to 33 inches body length and 28 to 29.5 inches chest width. There are size charts at the bottom of the page but I don't think they have alt text. We can type them out if needed.

Anyone happen to have Windows PC podcatcher recommendations?
Would prefer open source but will use proprietary if must needs be.

Have tried:
- Spotify (trying to not support them)
- Google Podcasts (seemingly incompatible with uBlock?)

I'd love another in-browser RSS deal like Google Podcasts but either I'm doing the wrong searches or something

Having a lot of arm pain when I draw so I'm trying to be faster and looser than normal, but it's hard LOL

anyway have a Neopet

doing the dishes is not always a triumph for me. today, i have done them, and it was a triumph

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Hi everyone,

So sorry to ask that but I've had an accident after the pharmacist sent me away yelling at me for being here 10mins before closing, after saying yes to deliver the meds tho

I fell in the street completely shocked, hurt myself and couldn't get groceries...

Could you please help us out to order food for tonight and tomorrow, pay for groceries on Monday and pay a doc appointment to see if the body's ok please?

Thanks for sharing and or donating 🖤


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hello hello! um

i'm afraid i need to go to the urgent care AGAIN today - i've woken up this morning with the painful realization i can't continue to ignore a growing infection.

I only need $25 more to pay the fee required to be seen by the doctor. any more to help pay for the untold resulting bill would be deeply appreciated, but $25 is all I need to drum up to get some treatment today.

my kofi is um ko-fi.com/heatherhorns# !! thank you so much

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