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apparently lumber prices have gone back down in the recent weeks. which is good because we are gonna need that

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Ecological misinfo: please stop 

Hey everyone please stop sharing that plankton article, there’s no actual linked research and the org GOES’ website is only pointing out what most ecologists have already been warning about for ages, which is that we’ve got about 25 years left before we have a massive plankton problem. If this is something you didn’t know about already then I hate for this to be your intro to ocean acidification but FWIW current plankton populations are like, still alive

couldn't find a med and just tried to google "where is [med name]", how's your day going

covid - 

someone else in this house has tested positive for covid so I'm just waiting for it to hit me again.

bad bad bad timing ugh

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#Foraging Tip of the Day:

If you're foraging mushrooms, aside from leaving something to let the next person know this place has already been harvested and never taking more than half, you can also carry your mushrooms in a mesh bag or something similar while you forage to help spread the mushrooms' spores around.

Forage respectfully and reciprocally! If we take care of the plants and funguses, they'll take care of us.

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Queer autistic couple looking for room to flee an abusive situation- can currently make it anywhere in OR or WA. :boost_ok:

All our other options keep drying up. We can both work if we're not threatened and belittled constantly and my job options are in high demand (K-12). If you live near Salem I already have one! Otherwise we will not survive here. I have one polite ESA cat who is now very used to staying in a bedroom 24/7.

Please help. If you have off-fedi leads you can DM me for email.

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The world goose that bites its own tail 

Jormun Gander

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The first image from the James Webb Space Telescope (#JWST). From NASA,

"This slice of the vast universe covers a patch of sky approximately the size of a grain of sand held at arm’s length by someone on the ground."

In that little speck, I don’t know, maybe a thousand galaxies, each with perhaps 100,000,000,000 stars, and all that in a patch of sky too small to even pay attention to.

caterpillar photo 

photo caption: a brown caterpillar with 5 white spots on its side is holding onto a branch with 10 small legs

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caterpillar photo 

oh Pandora Sphinx Caterpillar I think??

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caterpillar photo 

idk what this lil guy is but this is the biggest caterpillar I've ever seen. like. 4 inches long

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Swap capitalist monocrop plastic grass for indigenous pluri-crop agriculture instead.

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After many months tinkering in the proverbial workshop, I'm ready to share the first demo of Redlander!

This one spotlights Max, the tiny tool-wielding gremlin technician. Play it here:

You can find more details in the devlog below!


oh my god, i finally got my meds refilled after fighting with the CVS pharmacy for 2 weeks.

(the clinic just wrote me a new script and i went to a new pharmacy cause fuck CVS)

kind of thinking about trying journaling? (again)

I've tried in the past but always get caught up on like, not wanting to ruin the journal lmao. so thinking about maybe like a doc just for me on my PC or something. but not a blog that's public. though maybe it could lead to that too

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Seattle Region Social Supports? Also, Rental Law Help? 

A friend of mine is in trouble, over north of Seattle. He's in been in a super bad, super abusive situation for a while. Worse than I realized, and it's come to a head.

He's stuck in a lease and says he can't break it without a $3500 charge and the united consent of his roomies, which won't happen. He has to pay most of their rent and bills or he loses everything, including his credit rating and an eviction record. So...

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✨ i am auctioning off a kobold adopt i worked real hard on, and i could use some help boosting themm :koboldnwn:

if you want to bid too, you can reply here and i'll comment for you or you can do it yourself in the twitter thread

Got an additional $50 via ko-fi, putting us at $1,060 total toward the goal! Thank you again!

Also up about $200 extra from a good ebay sale weekend.

Got a friend helping us keep an eye out for trailers in the ~$3000 range, juuust in case.

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