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our friends are coming today to help with electrical stuff.

i'll be so happy to see it done for now. trying to learn and implement and not waste too much time on something that you're supposed to take years to learn is, uh. stressful.

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me, before I got cats, hearing the tiniest creak or pop: oh no what was that?? a ghost? a rat?? is someone breaking IN??

me, after I got cats, hearing a tremendous crash, an ungodly wailing, scratching, skittering, scurrying, crunching, disturbing guttural sounds, basically anything: wow what are those little rascals up to now?

food, vegan 

made carob chip pancakes :blobcatmelt:

I'd also prefer this over a "close my blacklisted tags only" option but that would be *fine* as an alternative

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I think a really neat mastodon personal setting would be the option to whitelist certain spoilered content (read: CWs) to be "auto open" while still leaving non-whitelisted ones closed to start. 🤔

I know there's a setting to always open spoiled stuff, and I don't want EVERYTHING open. But there's some stuff I personally wouldn't mind having open without clicking (which would obviously vary from person to person if anyone else even wanted that at all.)

@justabean hello! found your profile via boosting your post and love your jewelry work, so wanted to toss a follow too!

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Begpost, for me :boost_ok: 

Good morning internet

I really need $40 more dollars to be able to pay my phone bill on the 10th

However! I did find out that the autism evaluation gets billed all at once, so I don't need the $20 for that yet which is great.

My venmo is @GreenestBeanCreations
Please ask for my paypal or cashapp (cashapp is someone else's and idk the info rn)

Also you can buy or commission art from me!!!!!!! Please!!!!

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I've heard of people who are able to do more than one thing in a day. they'll do something and then, the same day, without even going to bed first, they'll just do another entirely separate thing

covid-related interaction 

has the US government utterly failed us in the information it has released? yes. but extremely not in whatever way those people thought.

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covid-related interaction 

it happened two days ago and I'm still thinking about the people in the local store who, when they saw me and my fiance wearing masks, immediately started talking about how covid isn't that bad, and masks are just fear mongering, and... also something about ivermectin??

Like I legit will never understand the thought process that gets you from "legitimate medical thing is fear mongering" to "this snake oil is the solution though"

food, not vegan 

extremely enjoying this dollar tin of sardines and hot sauce tonight

Me: "I should toot something positive about computers."
Also Me: "Computers were a mistake."

Also JavaScript was a mistake.

Like just the entire existence of it.

To be fair, I don't like Bootstrap either because I'm a internet nostalgia person.

I do use it as well though x_x

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I bounced off tailwindcss a few times in the past, but I spun up a new Laravel project to mess around in this week and tailwind is the default in 8+ so I'm looking at it again.

I'm probably gonna use it to try and learn it (although it's way overkill for what I'm doing) but I still don't like it LOL

I won't have time to finish it up for a WHILE but I love some of the fun ideas we have and could do with a site

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I wanna make my xiv FC a little website where we can share our wordle daily scores and compare them and stuff.
we also have some crafting things it'd be cool to share with each other there and also like... screenshots?

we use discord for all these things right now and it's fine but I like making cute websites

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We're hiring a systems engineer for the iRODS team! If you're looking for a linux-y C++ role, have a look at these job listings. (I know the description looks weird, that's on the recruiter.)

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This is great, a tour of animals very different from us through very similar

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