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"ggrhrh anime ghhhrmmm reddit normies cringe cringe waifu 4chin waifu normie.....s >:((("

- @jg 2020

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"-technological progress is only made possible by parallel advances in scientific knowledge."


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Set, Anubis, Ammet, and Cerberus: *hanging out at a psychopomp cafe*

Me: *enters the cafe*

*nymphs and dryads eye me nervously*

Me: *reaches into coat pocket, a low squeaky sound is made*

Set, Anubis, Ammet, and Cerberus: *ears perk up*

A dryad: *glares at me*

Me: *pulls out squeaky toy*

*cafe yells*

Me: *throws the squeaky toy*

Set, Anubis, Ammet, and Cerberus: *run after the toy, they knock over a satyr with a latte*

Me: *makes a break for the Underworld*

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Bad :Trek: pun 

A Klingon space combat simulator is called

Vor'cha reality. :blobpeek:

as it is; the courts (me), have decided that the account name will be @ DrSagan @ plush dot city

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after consorting with my housemates we have discovered that:

-they had not voted in the first poll (they are rarely Online)
-i had voted DrSagan in the first poll

if my housemates had voted in the first round DrSagan would have won

so this second round of voting was unnecessary

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consorting with my housemates

we may have a case of voter fraud :blobsweat:

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its been voted! the new account will be @ carl @ plush dot city

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post-furry implies a modern furry

modern and post-furry imply; a dada-furry, surreal-furry, abstract-furry, fauvist-furry, etc

the phrase "time warping t-rexs" has been spotted in IRC

Bad Covid News 

Sorry if my reading comprehension is trash. I'm super tired right now. But it sounds like corona is mutating fast enough to evade vaccination efforts.

Every time the virus reproduces it has a chance to mutate. The way I see it, this is the result of not having proper lock downs. Letting people spread the virus gave the virus billions of times more chances to mutate. IMO if we had paid people to stay home then these mutations might not have happened.

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