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"ggrhrh anime ghhhrmmm reddit normies cringe cringe waifu 4chin waifu normie.....s >:((("

- @jg 2020

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"-technological progress is only made possible by parallel advances in scientific knowledge."


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Set, Anubis, Ammet, and Cerberus: *hanging out at a psychopomp cafe*

Me: *enters the cafe*

*nymphs and dryads eye me nervously*

Me: *reaches into coat pocket, a low squeaky sound is made*

Set, Anubis, Ammet, and Cerberus: *ears perk up*

A dryad: *glares at me*

Me: *pulls out squeaky toy*

*cafe yells*

Me: *throws the squeaky toy*

Set, Anubis, Ammet, and Cerberus: *run after the toy, they knock over a satyr with a latte*

Me: *makes a break for the Underworld*

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This Sunday at 5pm PST/8pm EST, The Rabbit Hole presents;

"Rabbit Food Fundraising" an Art Stream

Come hang out with chill furry, and bunny, artwork. Tell your friends!

@joshua if I may suggest some

- CONTAINMENT BREACH <-- sounds badass, possibly too confrontational, possibly too easy to be coopted by fascists.
- ANOMALY <-- super scifi, but also see above.
- Wanderer <-- mysterious, potentially badass, far less likely to be coopted by the fash, air of magic and mysticism, v. high fantasy
- Transgressor <-- possibly too easy to coopt by the fash, but also sounds punk as fuck
- UNKNOWN SIGNAL <-- super scifi but equally mysterious as Wanderer.

literally all of these terms are better than overusing "refugee" when america currently has intense pol surrounding **actual refugees** thank you.

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instead of overusing, and misusing the term "refugee" and watering it down---how about we use different words instead?


EBT / rabbit food 

i get spinach, lettuce, and kale with my food stamps

it helps supplement their diet, and considering The Rabbit Hole (the household) needs help feeding our rabbits (see also: Rabbit Food Fundraising Stream ) its my duty as the rabbit's mother* to get them food

*the binary of how the rabbits treat their mother versus their father

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gave orum and rebi (and all the other rabbits too LMAO) some spinach and kale

This Sunday at 5pm PST/8pm EST, The Rabbit Hole presents;

"Rabbit Food Fundraising" an Art Stream

Come hang out with chill furry, and bunny, artwork. Tell your friends!

"this one's for @nilaky since they can't do shit [...]"


im cackling, depressed, its almost 5am and this vantabot post quote broke me 😭 😂 😭 😂 😂

this one's for @​nilaky@​ since they can't do shit so I ripped a few days before the search function, show thread, and delete it, because I have to be doing right now

building a chrysalis with myself within, emerging two years later covered in a slimy film and having learned everything there is to know about Linux

There came a point in my life as an RPG player where I largely stopped playing the games in favor of mostly thinking about the games, handling the materials, and reading the rulebooks.

The physicality of D&D was always the most important part for me: the dice, the tables, the minis, the maps. I love me a D&D object.

So I've backed "Tiny Paper Dungeons," Tom Brinton's Kickstarter campaign for a pocket-steno-pad-sized book of procedurally generated RPGs.


In the meantime, I'm declaring a federal criminal investigation to be the Official 20th Blogiversary gift.


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stay alert: some users on fedi could be pokemon. would you be able to tell?

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