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"ukulele is like a little bass"

-vantablack ⚫

:black_sparkles_outline: Best Quote 2020 :black_sparkles_outline:

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MTF-ß (“🅱️“) are charged with monitoring for instances of cognitohazardous posts on non-commercial social media. Whenever a post containing a 🅱️

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I can’t tell you how damn fucking funny this is

I’m in a library and this is

How they feel about it

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"playing mercy is like playing bass"


🔸 Best Quote 2019 🔸

@joshua @MrJimmy @starwall listen we need to acknowledge our complicated history. we drove trolls under the bridges because we thought that their "trollbooths" were capitalist, but we were throwing out the troll baby with the bathwater.

Uncaptioned picture of hands written pseudo code 

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cursed / homestuck / covid-19 

i stand naked in the middle of the intersection, eyes raised to the burning light of the arbitrary brokenness of the laws of man 

@joshua Welp .. We have a plague+farm meme. That's right folks. We have hit PEAK MEME!

@joshua I used to be an emacs user. probably only use it if you are willing to invest significant effort in learning lisp. (I was not, so I quit it and moved over to vim.)

@joshua there's no part of that sentence i didn't like!</zoidberg>

Holy crap, TMS's YouTube upload of Little Nemo is in 1080p.

That's a bit above and beyond. O_O

@joshua hey, don't stand in the middle of that intersection, you'll get hit by a truck

yall ate that emacs post hook and sinker

i can just make a betting pool next time

luck 10

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