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I can’t tell you how damn fucking funny this is

I’m in a library and this is

How they feel about it

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"mercy is like playing bass"


🔸 Best Quote 2019 🔸

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owning the gamers by having fun with games

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introductions / :cannabis: 

Working on a custom chainmail order! A 6" keychain based on the genderfluid pride flag. Be sure to get your gender fluid changed every 3,000 miles!

hey i gotta write a fuckin

cover letter for this job im applyng for

and,, is this how its supposed to look? how long does it need to be?

@Jo @joshua hi, it's me, free software guy, hang gliding into your mentions to tell you to use a completely different framework and workflow to avoid your complaint

Ooooo I know what the snouts avatar is gonna be changed to when I get back

This probably counts as blasphemy (almost certainly at this point ) 

everyone always saying about how jesus came back from the dead

nah that fucker just ban-evaded.

Tech bullshit. 

the only thing worse than computers are the wires between them istg

the key to being good at moira is to completely ignore healing your teammates and just focus on damage

U.S. fascism 

quick someone give me a good pick up line that’s also queer

U.S. Fascism, personal, FRIENDS: read this 

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