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if youve been following the hashtag, ive found a place! and i would love help moving :blobheartcat:

supplies needed currently:
-futon (?)
-cleaning supplies
-cubbys (organizers)

if you havent read the hashtag: cw: intense abuse from landlady


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"-technological progress is only made possible by parallel advances in scientific knowledge."


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Set, Anubis, Ammet, and Cerberus: *hanging out at a psychopomp cafe*

Me: *enters the cafe*

*nymphs and dryads eye me nervously*

Me: *reaches into coat pocket, a low squeaky sound is made*

Set, Anubis, Ammet, and Cerberus: *ears perk up*

A dryad: *glares at me*

Me: *pulls out squeaky toy*

*cafe yells*

Me: *throws the squeaky toy*

Set, Anubis, Ammet, and Cerberus: *run after the toy, they knock over a satyr with a latte*

Me: *makes a break for the Underworld*

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yo does anybody wanna play Spellbreak with me? It's free on like, every platform, and I am on a HOT STREAK

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20020 spoilers / convo 

this is so cute and funny omg juice

the general area may be guessed, at least from what "hints" have been dropped


regardless, i will still continue referring to it as //that beach// and discuss the intimate, real, and cathartic memories of that beach

separate from its fame

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some of this post has probably given away a number of hints to what //that beach// is

it //does// have a name, that isnt easily guessed, unless you remember the posts i made earlier this year

which i doubt

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thankfully its on protected property, so there was no sky rises on a nice beach, when i was growing up

i got old florida beaches as //my beach//

//that beach//

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i miss //that beach//

and i need to make it a goal to see that beach again, at least one more time

that may be impossible though, given current affairs

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there is another species of mole crab on the pacific, but obviously, the atlantic mole crabs have a special place in my heart

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i wish paypal made it easier to email people back, i will eventually go through every person's donation and send them an email thanking them

this post is an FYI, and a PSA stating that i havent forgotten you, and i will reach out to you soon!

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