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I can’t tell you how damn fucking funny this is

I’m in a library and this is

How they feel about it

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"mercy is like playing bass"


🔸 Best Quote 2019 🔸

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owning the gamers by having fun with games

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introductions / :cannabis: 

What if in the future they named space ships after weed strains :thaenkin:

PSA: this press is non-linear, and once spells and the like are added, a search function will be implemented

at the moment as the press currently is, no search function is needed

ty :blobcatbluecoffee:

i gamed, and i guss its time to lay down, abnd read

gonna log out of here too because i love being ignored when something happens to me that terrifies me and enrages me

and all i need is someone to acknowledge this

but its cool to be ignored

subplush 2 


there should be gay versions of every hetero opera, starting with Carmen, because I want it

we did it yall! yall in the fedi made it possible!

my comrades goal has been reached! i think this has been up for maybe 48hrs?

yall are a blessing, and im so proud to be sharing this platform with such great users


They’re removing a lotta grinding from Destiny with the next update. Now realize I’ve become “that person” you know the type. “No the grind is the whole point! That’s the fun!”

im looking at cute dresses and itll probably be easier to go to a thrift store tbh

US pol / ICE / occupy/abolish + (asking for help) 

HELL yea! yall!

i see you! thank you! yall protesting too, yall doing the praxis

bless :black_bloc_blob: :antifa:

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