hey y'all, is emacs any good?

@joshua hey, don't stand in the middle of that intersection, you'll get hit by a truck



@bhtooefr @djsundog >:) oh, then it was i who started the first round of nerd sniping

@djsundog hey so since you were the first in the thread, twas you standing in the middle of the intersection

@djsundog "concerned", oh you know you want to see one of my posts light it up

@joshua its okay, but i dont think its worth learning if you are already comfy with something else

i stand naked in the middle of the intersection, eyes raised to the burning light of the arbitrary brokenness of the laws of man 

@joshua emacs is good, it is only fallen human will that causes it to do evil things

@joshua Yes. But, so is Vim. In my day to day work, I often use emacs and vim on the same set of files, as I find the feature sets of both editors complimentary and I frequently am like, "Hmm, wish Vim had...hmmm...wish Emacs had...". As long as you remember to "revert" the buffer after switching editors to resynchronize them, everything's fine.

@joshua And, no, Evil mode is not a substitute for Vim. Tried it, got the t-shirt, doesn't fit, donated it.

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