memory / abuse and sexism / funny memory for me to reflect back too :blobfox3c: (really) 1/2 

This concerns the asshole lead singer of the band i was in, in San Diego. Him and I had talked about repetition, and its applications in music. Ten minutes later he made sexist comment out of nowhere and I got mad,

Me, "Nonono- no!"

That ass, "Ah! I like what you did there!"

Me, glaring.

memory / abuse and sexism / funny memory for me to reflect back too :blobfox3c: (really) 2/2 

"You said it once, then you set up a pattern with the second one, and then the third one confirmed the pattern! and then! i like how you put a fourth one in there!"


he got mad at me for shouting at him and it was an hour of him lecturing me about respect

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memory / tooting my own horn (end) :blobfox3c: 

i woulda quit his band sooner if it wasnt paying my rent at the time

OH BTW //I// was the reason people even started to go to his shows willingly! (thats how much our art scene hated him)

THEY WANTED TO SEE AND HEAR MY BONE piss off dudebro lol got em

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memory / tooting my own horn (end) :blobfox3c: 

@joshua who would win

a massive ass or one trombonist

memory / tooting my own horn / the good jokes 

@a_breakin_glass o h b abby ,, i would blast em away~~~~

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