my housemates keep calling me a trekkie!! //im not a trekkie, im not a trekkie!!//

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@joshua be a trekkie. i was converted from star wars to the light of trek
@joshua you should watch the next generation. just god tier ethics and jslfjdskfkds

they also had an episode with a trans alien

@jg jg.

i started watching next generation 9 years before you were born...

@jg look whos calling the kettle black boomer

haha checkmate atheist

@sevenofnine @Nine @joshua i was just about to say "at least you're not watching voyager-"

@Nine @jg me: *thinking of whenever garak and bashir hangout*

me: *thinking of whenever garak denies he was in the obsidan order, and also denies that hes a tailor*

me: *single tear runs down cheek*

@jg @joshua I grew up on TNG and that's why I have unrealistic expectations for an ethical humanity and caring about the well being of others :blobcattilt:

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