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preferred pronouns:

“he’s a good boy” ❌ ⚔️
“she’s a good girl” ✅ 💤
“he’s a good girl” 🌟 🌟 🌟
“she’s a good boy” 🌟 🌟 🌟

capitalism is just the idea that if you let everyone take advantage of each other, it'll magically even out into fairness in the long run

it don't

meanwhile anyone actually making money off that work is probably doing anywhere between zero and half of one job at best

end capitalism

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"we want a full stack developer" or "we want an artist who can work on every stage of asset creation" is corporate for "we want 5 college degrees of work from one person for the price of a part-time high school student" and it's amazing that anyone can post that job listing with a straight face

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it's wild to me that we expect one person to be able to do a job that would have taken like 5 people 20 years ago and we expect it to be done better with less experience

sure doesn't seem to pay any better, though

i feel like i deserve more credit for making it to adulthood alive while piloting a horrible meat machine that's programmed to throw out information like "which chemicals will burn my face off" in order to store "which ninja turtle is a party dude"

so it's like eight more months until endwalker comes out right

please wait for me to build a ship before critiquing me

i am aware literally just a cube is not a good spaceship thank you

i hope everyone enjoys it and doesn't expect me to get any of the memes for like 2 years

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i am incredibly disinterested in undertale 2 or whatever but everyone seems to be having a lot of fun and i think that's pretty neat

you ever think about how people can basically do whatever they want to you if you're poor because only rich people can afford to go to court

steam recommendations really zeroing in on my two aesthetics

guns, genitals 

the urge to send my friends a phone pic of my new gun like “look at this cool thing I got to shoot targets with” is really strong

is this how cis dudes end up sending dick pics to everyone

guns, target shooting 

also whoever had this gun last didn’t shoot it enough to have any cylinder wear, so why is it so grungy oh my god

who was being a dirty boy

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guns, target shooting 

I have a giant revolver and a tiny subcompact semi auto so I have to hold my tiny gun with two hands and my big giant gun works better 1-handed

dick joke here

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guns, target shooting 

i can only get a 4” group at 10 yards but fuck if I don’t feel like a cowboy when I do it

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guns, target shooting 

revolvers are really fun to shoot actually

how long until endwalker

please my family is dying

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