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preferred pronouns:

“he’s a good boy” ❌ ⚔️
“she’s a good girl” ✅ 💤
“he’s a good girl” 🌟 🌟 🌟
“she’s a good boy” 🌟 🌟 🌟

done posting about this because anyone who needs to hear it wouldn't listen anyway

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TLDR if you treat "autistic trans person who wants to help but might not know what you already know" the same as "man who thinks you're stupid" then you're being kind of an awful shitty person hope that helps

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on the plus side trans women are all really used to people power sliding in and deciding whether we're male or not by their own irritating arbitrary bullshit standards so at least it's not new

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not to mention trans women really get a lot of "if you're autistic, you aren't *really* a woman" medical gatekeeping going in and people casually acting like autism makes you male really twists the knife on that one

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feels like this is by far the most common release valve for leftists to be acceptably bigoted tbh

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a lot of people put "autistic person overexplains something" in the same bucket as mansplaining because they don't really care to differentiate and it's amazingly efficient at being both ableist and triple shitty to autistic trans women

@kat Fuck this, let's go back to just hanging out in a friend's basement playing drop-in drop-out Honk Honk Hero

i just want to play the video game

why can't i just have a normal one

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i feel like xiv raiding is like 5% gameplay and 95% an unending hell of trying and failing to assemble 8 people and keeping them together long enough to log on and get into a raid

Wordle 219 5/6


thanks i hate it

i went to art school and i'm a transqueer my life is already open world survival crafting horror please stop making more of it

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i can handle maybe 30 minutes of open world survival crafting games per year which makes it uniquely overwhelming that there seem to be at least 50 new ones coming out per day

more like... shiteo games

i am very funny please subscribe to my patreon and watch me on twitch playing survival crafting games the beautiful essence of my humanity has been forever subsumed into the soulless self marketing of a social media influencer

make it a smartphone game that generates random dungeons from wifi/bluetooth/whatever IDs when you walk by them

let me jack into an actual dog house

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honestly bullshit that there hasn't been a new megaman battle network game since before smartphones

which of the yakuza 7 party members have fursonas, and what are they

you would not fucking believe how much water i just drank

ok but honestly the best part of this game is ichiban's OHHHHH face when you pass a vocational school exam

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