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now selling hildibrand clears

for only $350 i and my six large men will complete the hildibrand questline with you so you can claim your relic weapon and titles

for $200 extra i will personally pilot your account and pretend to laugh optimally at the jokes so you can show off your high percentile fflogs parse

the only thing funnier than making the hildibrand quests mandatory is watching people act like someone’s eaten their dog about it

got that "probably everyone hates you or knows someone who hates you" mental health spiral going on today, that's always fun

this is less super celebratory and more "i actually hope i can pass and don't get beaten up in an alleyway and i'm not super confident on the odds there" but i do appreciate the nice words regardless

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don't fucking call yourself a manderville man unless you respect pronouns as only a manderville can, from the hills of coerthas to thanalan

i feel like i shouldn't even have to explain this shit honestly

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hildibrand absolutely respects trans people, transphobia isn't gentlemanly at all

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stopped putting off the rest of my transition and finally bought some skirts and tops and dresses and stuff instead of just wearing plausibly deniable unisex stuff, pray for me

today i learned the little hair ribbon i keep putting on my bunny shark fursona is called a rabbit ear scrunchie

that's a really fucking good joke and i'm going to pretend it was intentional

manager explaining the product: oh it's just a dozen scrunchies there's a bunch of them so you have spares, and you can put one on your wrist as a fashion thing or whatever, just show that in the images

the fucking zognoid trying to pass as a human photoshop guy: ULTIMATE SCRUNCHIE COMBAT MEGABRACER

someone logged on to amazon from fucking jupiter is looking at these same search results like "oh nice, finally something that people wear here"

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i want like a little hair tie ribbon like my fursona has but i can't find anything except godawful leopard prints and ugly colors

didn't realize the skirt i was looking at was a tennis skirt until 10 very surreal seconds after seeing this on the page

just spent like 12hrs working

it's naptime bitch

whenever anyone starts talking about social media platforms for literally any reason i just tense up and start listening for a bus so i can run before i get thrown under it

The Maker’s Ruin is a really fucking good song but i don’t know about “it’s the WoL’s theme” unless there’s like a kazoo version for mine

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