cishets stop writing settings that do this please

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would legit rather have a cyber world setting where it's like "oh, it reads your brain and makes your avatar look like you do in real life" but then when it goes public people just start showing up as who they actually are instead of what their body happens to look like

@kat Why even have a digital world at that point?

@kat I don't get it, why does it cut down on crime if the businessman looks like himself online?

@RazyDazzle @kat

A completely faulty notion that removing anonymity means defeating all internet harassment and crime

Aka see facebook and etc with "real name policy" stuff

@saphire @kat thanks for clarifying, it makes sense now. I don't really have a Facebook account except for an inactive one with no info. Now I understand why FB wouldn't let me use 'Dazzle' as my surname!

@Draekos character who's impossible to find because they're something new every time they log in because that's how identity works for them

it's a self-insert actually, that's just me

@kat that character is definitely trans there is no other possible explanation for saying that

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