found a sketch from like a year ago

fuck it let鈥檚 ink that bitch


god i missed inking with a brush i actually like

Web 1 0 12

ehhh needs some more detailing and an outfit design fuck it

can't wait to draw the entire rest of the body ahahaha oh god

if i finish this drawing and someone gives me incentive i will also draw another one after someone's taken the outfit off her too

@kat once again your outfit design makes me very happy

@kat If any of your fursonas weren't some mashup of multiple animals I would be surprised honestly

@Kaffe lots of them are only one animal girl

they just all used to be human males

@kat I would like to see more of your art and subscribe to your newsletter

@pup_hime imagine what would be really cute if u saw it on a cute girl

@pup_hime admittedly that might make visually imagining visual things difficult

@pup_hime look at all the cool outfit stuff you like and pull it apart like legos and go "i like that little bit in particular" and just assemble new stuff out of those bits pretty much

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