it's absolutely wild to me that people somehow manage to miss the message of every game of monopoly going from "a player has a monopoly" instantly to "maybe if i get sent to jail or sleep in my car in a free parking lot, i can live long enough to make it to my next paycheck" while the one rich player's like "oh haha jail, that means nothing to me"

to be fair lizzie magie's original message was way more direct and brutal

it's also supposedly based on an indigenous kiowa board game and there's something weirdly apt about slapping a bunch of american landlord properties on top of an indigenous game and making a deeply unfair game world that's impossible to survive in except for the ultra rich

PS ruth hoskins in 1929 gave it the street names used today and after 90 years none of them have moved from the economic bracket enforced by their initial circumstances

economic mobility is a lie, end capitalism

PPS the $100 you get when you pass Go in the original Landlord's Game converts to about $2800, a pretty decent living wage

very appropriately, in 2022 landlords expect you to make $2800 a month, but your salary's only raised to $200

also, with an average dice roll of ~7 and about half of the board being properties, you're probably going to have to make it through 3-4 rent payments before you see your next paycheck

TLDR monopoly is an indigenous board game replaced with american properties wrought into a nightmarish structure of unregulated capitalism and greed that strangles all joy and life from those cursed to exist in it, at which point the patent was stolen from a poor woman by rich men and now belongs to hasbro, with a monopoly consisting of more than 1,500 children's entertainment brands

also there's a "millennials" version that makes fun of children born into the system Monopoly itself illustrates

monopoly is fucking metal and it's entirely because every attempt capitalists make to whitewash it only illustrates its point even more intensely

monopoly, like capitalism, is a massive, sweeping history of people turning inherent unfairness into game rules and trying to blame you for losing at them

don't even get me fucking started on how all of this is so inherently compatible with institutional white christianity that the existence of "bibleopoly" doesn't even raise an eyebrow

anyway monopoly rules and also extremely sucks, come to my house and we'll get drunk as fuck and play it while complaining about landlords

monopoly is like a horrible soul sucking experience if you're expecting a fair, friendly board game but it's actually super fun if you know what the point is and have three leftist friends who know the winner is decided pretty much at random

@kat i guess it's introduced as the most commercialized shit in the world

the fact that the game was never even intended to be fun just makes this perfect encapsulation of capitalism eating everything just

way too on the nose, i stg

@kat parker brothers like "should we make it more subtle?"
'nah, by the time we print everyone will be used to it'

@kat oh kat

there are literal thousands of like variant editions of monopoly, they're all *very* odd

@Kaffe i... know monopoly has a lot of variants haha

that's why i know about the one i mentioned

@kat just didn't know if you'd been inoculated to the world of Why Is This Very Specific Topic A Monopoly Game

@Kaffe @kat IIRC most of the versions of monopoly that have way-too-specific theming are made by a different non-Hasbro company called like, Opoloy or something

@kat The worst is when you have people who use 'house rules' which exist to make the game last forever e.g. "All money lost to fines / taxes / etc goes into the middle of the board and is given to whoever lands on Free Parking" or the default house rule I see everywhere that drives me up the wall, "Complete ignorance of the auction rule so as to slow down acquisition of properties to a crawl and ensure the game takes 30 years"

@lyskar i kinda get the free parking rule at least, it's a way to try and add an "i could become rich if i'm really lucky" escape valve so you don't end up with the 10yo child at the christmas party being super sad and depressed

which, ironically, is pretty true to capitalism's "upward mobility" myth

@kat The Free Parking rule is less evil than the auction one anyways, since money isn't lost through fines super often. The auction one however is like... extends the game and makes properties cost more overall.

@kat really good thread! The fact that the game is sold without its explanation is so irritating. I played it as a kid, by the time I was old enough it was firmly lodged in my brain as "eh, it's a game", if I hadn't found an article on the internet I would never have noticed what it actually demonstrates.


@kat aaand of course I misread that as "we’ll get drunk and fuck and play"

damn, I really wish they had made “Jail” into “Purgatory” :hhHHHAAAH:

> In the “Millennial" version of Monopoly, you don’t collect cash

At least that part is realistic lol

@kat millennial version should also include a starting condition so one player has all the money & properties

@kat The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of Monopoly

also The Landlord's Game is Georgist propaganda

@kat there is an alternate ruleset in the original game where a land value tax replaces rent

@kat also for an extra dose of capitalist recuperation, this Forbes article:

"With the new cards, players could be rewarded for things like supporting animal shelters or school bake sales, or helping their neighbor, and penalized for not shopping locally, forgetting to recycle, or disturbing the peace by blasting loud music."

"It has changed some of the Community Chest cards previously, eliminating cards like 'poor tax.'"

it should also be mentioned that Parker Bros didn't steal Magie's patent. they simply bought it

@kat There's a bunch of those specialized version of monopoly like "Millennial Monopoly" that seem to be deliberately insulting.

It's very strange.

I guess they're intended as gag gifts?

@kat i would no shit unironically enjoy playing this board specifically

@kat To be fair, I have never played a game of Monopoly long enough where a player got monopoly. I wonder if anyone did

@errant @kat I once managed to make my brother quit a game out of frustration and shortly afterwards drove my parents into the ground. I have a feeling that was the last time we ever played Monopoly.

@KamareDrache @kat So winning at Monopoly effectively destroyed the world <that the game took place in>. Accurate

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