extremely suspicious that this intake form asks you to disqualify yourself from treatment and literally has no "none" option

ah, i see you're a coffee user. get out of my office druggie

this form feels like a fucking space alien is trying to pretend to be a psychiatrist

really i could just leave them all blank and use that last one

this is some real "so when did you stop beating your wife" leading question energy


i mean... i'm kinda filling out a form right now dude, give me a minute first

if these people want evidence that i have adhd they're going to get it in the form of a long, irritated, hyperfixating rant about how shitty, disrespectful, and dehumanizing their godawful intake form is

i will karen the fuck out of this

it's so wild to me how much of a doctor's visit is them handing me forms like "hey are you a drug abuser, write it on this form" like that would even catch anyone in the first place

no, i haven't started doing meth since you asked me five minutes ago, it's probably safe to take my blood pressure

jesus guys

@kat thinking about how the guy assessing me for ADHD (over a video call in 2020) just commented once he'd actually finished asking me stuff, that "you literally can't even sit still on this call"

@kat And to add insult to injury, in my experience doctors... don't read forms, make up their own mind of what they're going to do, and will ignore common sense to chase a ghost issue they imagine is the 'real problem' -- and as the patient, will just expect you to allow them to do so.

(Needless to say, it is one reason I should probably get more medical services but due to horrible past experiences with doctors probably will remain doing just the minimum...)

@kat this form looks like it's a set up for conversion therapy. legit like, trying to get you to admit to using "drugs" because you drink stuff with caffeine in it and blaming your ADHD symptoms as "addiction" and trying to get you to align with their agenda or some shit.

i really hope for this to not be the only method you have of getting treatment :blobcatheart:

@Liizerd yeahhhh it's a lot of the same kind of gatekeeping i had to deal with before i could start HRT back before informed consent was more of a thing

on the plus side, i'm a lot better at dealing with gatekeeping now

@kat Cannot decide if this should be CWed bureaucracy kink" or not. 😜

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