this is a really silly question

has anyone ever done, like, _modular_ snake enclosures? Habitrail, but for snakes


hey is that the little plush dragon that one could buy at Epcot Center? :blobaww: I had one when I was a kid!!!

i wrote a poem! here it is:

i am a kitten
and i mew
because that is
what kittens do


Kayde's getting a bit swept off their hooves by a certain, very suave Lucario...

this was an inevitability once i saw that Halloween Lucario merch eue art by @JungaBeast who is absolutely incredible <3

i have done a lot of exploring today! :blobcat: but now i am back, and i just want to snugl :blobcatreach:



I am apparently the victim of a splendid practical joke. one to my advantage, and consonant with my aims (such as I have any)

I am so very tired.

and apparently the first major step on the journey is writing Nagisa Kaworu a story


how, I don't know. because it hurts even to think about

#actuallyAutistic folks

Who else feels like corporeality, as in having a physical meat body, kinda bites?

I feel like an alien driving around a meat robot, that takes a lot of precise maintenance and I have to do it right. I'd like to be a being of pure energy, or baring that, in a computer or robot that I can move around to different computers/robots if I wanted.

(just boost if you don't consider yourself autistic)

🎵no one's slick as Wotan,
No one's quick as Wotan,
No one's fur's as incredibly thick as Wotan's...🎵

Hi, I designed a new NB symbol based off the Hades symbol from Uranian Astrology.

One, I like the idea that it's Hades, but also the broken circle admits all of its surrounding space into the symbol, and inversion of the tails from the mirrors of Venus and Mars represent both the presence and subversion of binary gender ideas and norms.

"Parallax" page 64 

life is pretty good now, you know

I have to admit. it was pretty hairy there for a while, but I think things are looking up. feeling a lot more purposeful these days (even if just what my purpose is, isn't clear)

DEFINITELY the morning for this one

one of my "Loki" songs (I have three solid ones). this is angry Loki, Loki who's done taking people's bullshit

🎶 I'm the voice inside your head
you refuse to hear
I'm the face that you have to face
mirrored in your stare
I'm what's left, I'm what's right
I'm the enemy
I'm the hand that will take you down
bring you to your knees 🎶

*points* so who are you?

Seattle postfurry nonsense, sexual assault 

violent films 

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