plurality, Kel 

Reminder this #Juneteenth that I'm always in need of $$$ not just for the bills and food, but for self care & essential things too

like i need to get a new phone very soon so i'm not struggling with a slow and very unresponsive 5 year old phone$melaninpony


semi-negative. Undertale tomorrow 

Invitation to a watch party 

It rained a lil bit this morning and now everything is green and glowing :blobaww:

plurality, trauma 

Hey , is there any documentation outlining the commands available in tootctl? It seems shocking to me that I can't find anything on the subject online outside of peacemeal changelog updates and toots requesting fuctionality.


New ✨plush✨ friendo! Got them at the general store at the camp site today and now they get to stand by their other friendo just chillin’ out.


Siegfried and Loki are buds now. Meanwhile, Wotan is very unhappy, watching the kitten suspiciously, hissing if it comes near him, coming up to humans and crying because there's a strange kitten in the house and no one will do anything about it

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