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Hey everyone I'm Keliff! I'm a Red Dragon :ms_western_dragon: currently going back to school full time working towards a Bachelors in CS. I was a full-time furry commission artist and now I just draw part-time for me and (sometimes) friends

:dragnhappy: :dragnhappy: Things I always wanna' talk about: :dragnhappy: :dragnhappy:
- Tea
- Video Games, RPGs and story-driven mostly
- Dragons
- Meditation / Mental Health
- Computer stuff
- VR

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I'm very open to conversation starters and random DMs, my contact info is on my profile and anyone can message me about whatever

I like to stream games on a couple days of the week, that and VR Chat are my favorite ways to socialize atm, I also have a really cute emote

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Also just because I can, here is a bunch of art of my fursona. First two are commissions (HJeojeo and Metalliclaws), second two are by me

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First think you gotta' know about Timespinners. Look how cute this dragon is. Amazing. Perfect. I love them.

I want to purchase every single one of these but I settled for pre-ordering the JRPG history book for now

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I just Everything Everywhere All at Once and my mind is spinning with feelings and I'm emotional in all the best ways

Gonna' go watch a movie in a theater today for the first time since... Detective Pikachu? Dang it's been a while

Oh heck. I organized my games to play backlog and I'm up to 63 of them oops

Someone broke something at my work so I literally can't work on anything rn lmao

I do not mind the mandated chill time

Tonight I'm going to play A Short Hike and start Donut County if I have time, two games people have been telling me to play for a long time

Discord bot when I send a client a sketch for approval:

Discord bot when I send a client a sketch for approval after I draw the feet: Now HOLD ON is this porn??

@keliff QotD:
"An evil internet ghost would cancel your autopay"

I am attempting to solve end-game puzzles in Tunic :) (Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers)

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