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Hey everyone I'm Keliff! I'm a Red Dragon :ms_western_dragon: currently going back to school full time working towards a Bachelors in CS. I was a full-time furry commission artist and now I just draw part-time for me and (sometimes) friends

:dragnhappy: :dragnhappy: Things I always wanna' talk about: :dragnhappy: :dragnhappy:
- Tea
- Video Games, RPGs and story-driven mostly
- Dragons
- Meditation / Mental Health
- Computer stuff
- VR

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I'm very open to conversation starters and random DMs, my contact info is on my profile and anyone can message me about whatever

I like to stream games on a couple days of the week, that and VR Chat are my favorite ways to socialize atm, I also have a really cute emote

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Also just because I can, here is a bunch of art of my fursona. First two are commissions (HJeojeo and Metalliclaws), second two are by me

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Man, if lonely teenage me could see how many cool, lovely friends I have now his mind would be B L O W N

I appreciate you all 🥺🥺🥺

Yesterday on stream I foxified a mouse character, definitely cute as either species


I haven't seen any furry porn this october of furries fucking pumpkins huh. I feel like I saw it SO MUCH last year


kind of cringe how into crypto my tech coworkers are

Youtube playlists were NOT meant to hold hundreds of tracks, re-organizing them has become SUCH a chore

I wonder how easy it would be to transition a big playlist like that to something else

Stream promo, tabletop games (looking for players as well) 

Two more games to go in a month of tabletop horror games! This week is the alien dread of CHAMBER, and next week is the black-metal doomsaying of MORK BORG. There are still seats available for both games, so DM if you're interested in playing!

Tune in this friday at 7pm EDT at to watch our game of CHAMBER

Oh yeah, very related, my husband gave me this really good sticker I need to place on something @/LizYips on :birdsite:

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I have finally bought the Outer Wilds dlc and I'm gonna' play it on Sunday

I am screaming internally in excitement

I finally went through the pile of post-its that have been building up in my room and I feel so good being clear of them

hmm, my husband gave me a really good furry sticker and idk if I should put it on my computer case, my laptop, or my hitbox

this connie is so shaped... one of the raptors ever for sure


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