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Intro posting 1/ 

Hey everyone I'm Keliff! I'm a Red Dragon :ms_western_dragon: currently going back to school full time working towards a Bachelors in CS. I was a full-time furry commission artist and now I just draw part-time for me and (sometimes) friends

:dragnhappy: :dragnhappy: Things I always wanna' talk about: :dragnhappy: :dragnhappy:
- Tea
- Video Games, RPGs and story-driven mostly
- Dragons
- Meditation / Mental Health
- Computer stuff
- VR

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Intro posting 2/ 

I'm very open to conversation starters and random DMs, my contact info is on my profile and anyone can message me about whatever

I like to stream games on a couple days of the week, that and VR Chat are my favorite ways to socialize atm, I also have a really cute emote

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Intro posting 3/ 

Also just because I can, here is a bunch of art of my fursona. First two are commissions (HJeojeo and Metalliclaws), second two are by me

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Next project will probably be: Adding nubbins like my fursona

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Okay it turns out it's super easy to add static elements to avatars hell yea

Making fun of America 

Oh beautiful for spacious thighs
For amber waves of fluff
For maroon tufts of majesty
Just into the gay stuff

executive dysfunction, picture of twitter post 

hate that I can relate to this post

Furries making 3d models: I will give them a gigantic and perfect ass

Making fun of America 

As someone with a red and white fursona I have to be careful to not wear blue, especially not blue with stars. I can't have anyone thinking I'm pro-America

Here's a quick lil piece I did for @BestGirlGrace and @junebug for June's birthday!!!!!!

dumb dragon lusting 

world: cold and mean

dragons: warm and also mean but like in a sexy way so it's okay

Here is a commission I did for @chr !! Thank you for your patience

thank you new monster factory for providing some joy today

I use telegram's saved messages to send url's to myself on other computers a lot and this morning I copy-pasted a url that happened to be 68 full text boxes long??

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