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Hey everyone I'm Keliff! I'm a Red Dragon :ms_western_dragon: currently going back to school full time working towards a Bachelors in CS. I was a full-time furry commission artist and now I just draw part-time for me and (sometimes) friends

:dragnhappy: :dragnhappy: Things I always wanna' talk about: :dragnhappy: :dragnhappy:
- Tea
- Video Games, RPGs and story-driven mostly
- Dragons
- Meditation / Mental Health
- Computer stuff
- VR

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I'm very open to conversation starters and random DMs, my contact info is on my profile and anyone can message me about whatever

I like to stream games on a couple days of the week, that and VR Chat are my favorite ways to socialize atm, I also have a really cute emote

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Also just because I can, here is a bunch of art of my fursona. First two are commissions (HJeojeo and Metalliclaws), second two are by me

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I'm leaving on a Cabin trip for a whole gosh darned week! I'll be mostly off social media and messaging services for that time <3

You have a sleeping kangaroo in your inventory, do you dare wake them up to use their power?

Last stream before I go to a cabin for a week, more Astalon


I’ve finished Chainsaw Man, I have that there for husband rat

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I was blissfully unaware at how annoying it was to get computer files to the iPad

Thank you Telegram for always being the easiest way to send files between two locations

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I have learned of Hakuneko and my Manga organization life is forever changed for the better

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I'm going on a trip w/ plenty of driving soon, what Manga do people recommend for downtime on the road?

I have THIS many things in Astalon and tons left to explore and things to try :3

Got a nice compliment from my coworker today, they thought I had been working at my job for 2-3 years given my knowledge and experience when it's only been like 9 months

I recently got full facial tracking for Kangy, here is me puffing my cheeks for chat

I recently got full facial tracking for Kangy, here is me puffing my cheeks for chat

I want a bot that goes through every discord / group chat of mine and marks it as read once a week so I feel like I can catch up on convos more easily

I drew something neat, but I have decided I can do it BETTER and COOLER so I'll redo it later

Four adve- Three adventures and one kangy in Astalon. Starting this game tonight

trying out a different color palette for painting practice, based on @shyra 's VRC avatar

hmmmm, i should finish octopath traveler at some point

complaining about complaining, money mention 

tfw my friend who has over $100,000 in the bank complains to be about an unexpected bill of $300 and how 'much stress this is causing them'

...I do not feel sympathy I'm sorry. I cannot console you about your feelings. I can only tell you to get over it

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