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Hey everyone I'm Keliff! I'm a Red Dragon :ms_western_dragon: currently going back to school full time working towards a Bachelors in CS. I was a full-time furry commission artist and now I just draw part-time for me and (sometimes) friends

:dragnhappy: :dragnhappy: Things I always wanna' talk about: :dragnhappy: :dragnhappy:
- Tea
- Video Games, RPGs and story-driven mostly
- Dragons
- Meditation / Mental Health
- Computer stuff
- VR

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Intro posting 2/ 

I'm very open to conversation starters and random DMs, my contact info is on my profile and anyone can message me about whatever

I like to stream games on a couple days of the week, that and VR Chat are my favorite ways to socialize atm, I also have a really cute emote

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Also just because I can, here is a bunch of art of my fursona. First two are commissions (HJeojeo and Metalliclaws), second two are by me

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You know who is cute and I miss seeing around?


oops I just hyper-focused on programming for 3 hours

I'm want more info about the new Tales game (Arise)

Aaaaa my friend Eclair (@flat_pumpkin on Insta) drew this for me as a surprise! Aaaa look she’s so fucking rad 💀🐀

In Afterparty there is a bar called the 'Sealed Knot' and I never never wanted to get into a bar more

look at this absolutely adorable image our cuddlefriend @BatElite commed of us and @pillowcat Cal from @Artemis :3

money, + 

hell yeah got a couple hundred $ back from taxes, now to figure out something fun to put it towards

vrc photo 

Russell took some of us to a music visualizer world and it was SUPER COOL

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LOVE FG matches where you win with a sliver of health left, always exciting

Them's Fightin Herds has a fun online mode

You can dress your character up in a lil outfit and grind for more outfit pieces

This happens a lot to me with fighting game characters. Especially if they have a military / army / cop aesthetic

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I hate the videogame feeling of

I vibe with this mechanically but not aesthetically

The existence of pronouns implies that antinouns exist

vrc pic 

Found a world with a betelgeuse avatar that can drop bombs and it was SOF UNNY TO ME

My husband is still earning his VR legs and is a lot more sensitive than I was starting

He told me, "Yeah brighter worlds and worlds where you slow fall are harder for me" I guess I took for granted how little anything bothered me when I first started

vrchat, social invitation 

I'm gonna' log onto vrchat and show my husband around if anyone would like to join us and say hi

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