Synth Sergal ideas from my stream tonight

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When I designed this part I like idea of it being a cartridge, not that I know what it does for them

I also included a fidget cube rolly ball on the back of the hand and buttons on the arm

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As someone cool pointed out before

Synth + Sergal = Syrgal

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I am taking suggestions where to put other fidget elements on this character

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@keliff maybe it's your personality core and if i unplug it and put it into another synth body, then you're in that other body instead

or maybe it's just a video game you're playing in your mind

@keliff Maybe it has the drivers that control what range of sounds they are sensitive to.

@FelixArden Ooh! That idea could be cool to turn into a dial somewhere on their body too

@keliff hotswappable storage is always useful for those memories you might not always want to know

@ChlorideCull Gosh I wish I could just unplug from certain memories hah

@keliff I often fidget by pen spinning. Maybe something like that?

@SentinelArk Oh my gosh they could have like a DS stylus holder kinda' thing

@keliff on the thighs, right where the arms normally rest while standing?

or you could put built-in pockets there

@keliff A small but clicky dial right on the thumb that they can spin with their pointer finger?

@keliff so the syrgal version of voltron would be a wheel?

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