This piece by @/Hexacult_Beast on :birdsite: is so wonderful...

"Tiny dragons need kobolds too"

@keliff I was tempted to share this here aha it's so good ;w;

@Zest A friend sent it to me and i was too excited to not share haha

@Zest @keliff ahhh, same. I wanted to make sure all the kobolds here saw it but I wasn't sure about posting someone else's art

@cookie @Zest idk about how other people feel about it, but to me posting with artist credit to birdsite is a happy medium to share art for people on masto who might or might not have an account over thre

@keliff hexacult makes *such* great stuff, both lewd and not

@keliff @masklayer Hexacult has always been a good artist but this just single-handedly raised their level

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