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Hi… 👋 I'm Kiki and I’m a vampire little living with my slime partner…

We mostly play PoGo and read books together…

I’m here to have a safe place to escape from the mean adult world…

Please don’t be mean to me… 😢

I want a plushy with a cuddle body and looong fur..!

Things have been difficult for us since last night. We’ve done everything we NEED to do today so we’re going to finish Utena.

might fall into a freezing pond on halloween with my younger brother and enter a realm of macabre early 1800s american postcard fantasy and leave this world behind

Hello! Do you like magical cats from space?

I made a text-based character creator so that you can have one for your very own!

It's 5-10 mins to play and totally free. ^_^

this is so rad, check it out: The Orisha pantheon portrayed in a similar style as Kirby did gods in classic Marvel comics. From Hugo Canuto’s "Orisha Tales" project.

the iconography is rich and well-researched, leveraging traditional symbols in creative ways. I hope we see more Orisha, Nkisi and other African entities in pop culture more often.

selected a few I’m most emotional about and who have been present in my life:

Ogum smith-warrior, Eshu-brother, won’t save you will make you strong,

Oyá, Iansã of the thunder, sword-dancer in the gale-winds,

Iemanjá fish-mother, dona Janaína, Queen beneath the Sea, your single mom who will set your right,

and beautiful Oxum of the river, sweet young-mother, who loves adoration as much as gold, whose big yellow eyes cry easily but miss nothing.

Revolutionary Girl Utena 

I think I’m going to start reading Revolutionary Girl Utena while my partner has their board meeting.

Actually it's Mothra's Day, we're celebrating a kaiju.

*kicks feet in the air* borth mommies can die..! ☠️

sad to hear of jk rowling's passing in a freak house elf related accident

Kiki using it’s hackity hacks to give all sads peeps a stuffie to huggles..! 💻 🧛

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