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my friend sarah anne orsini made me such a cute piece of pokésona art 😍

(id link ver socials, but they only use facebook afaik soo yknow)

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does anyone else love frogsuit toadette <3

shes just like me!!

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if i shitpost about it, it cant come true and hurt me

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"im not vriska! im not vriska!!", i continue to insist as i slowly shrink and transform into a dog

today in terf news 

le rational skeptic, free speech advocate, pro truth martyr has arrived

so oppressed for being a terf that she has an army of lawyers to attack random people on twitter

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this makes the other one look really crappy, but we did this one as a collaboration today and i really like it

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le admitting to cybercrimes via the medium of art has arrived

(view full image plz)

internet funnyman does home stick oh dear 

scho0tdG4-A huh

me too

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homestuck spinoff with some guy having to look after baby vriska

can we get some asbestos love in the chat

someday sweet misstress asbestos will be loved again

hey uh idk much about all this but is nepeta like... ylnow... a furry???

*comes out as plural*

wait wtf am iiiiiii?? a jojo refra?rance???!??!!!

please send me something nice quickly, maybe good for minors

when the tech reverse engineering video contains home stuck

postmodernism is where zack "jesus" snyder releases a lost media film where jonker says "we live in a society" and then theres just a long pause for laughter

class: union
aspect: soviet socialist republics

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