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lilys art dump thread i guess 

What if catra was just a baby child on the first day of the new school year

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i named my rollercoasters homosexual things in rollercoaster tycoon. its p funny tbh imo


Oof just had a big panic cry.

lilys dang sketch thread, pardners 

Its okay to feel sad or scared sometimes, catra. You’re still a nice kitty

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lily’s sketch thread 

This is the face adora made when she saw catra’s drawing of her

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mh bleh 

My body hurts and im in kind of a weird mood :////

lily’s sketch thread 

Thank you for sharing how you’re feeling , catra. You’re so valid!

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lily’s sketch thread 

She found some plastic fangs laying around and now she’s pretending to be a vampire (wearing them over her actual fangs)

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sleeby,,,,,, gonna get those good resties

migraine selfie lol 

I have a migraine but at least i look cool lmao

Uuu i woke up with a headache,,,, life is bitter….. :blobdazzled:


Nothing’s wrong but i feel kinda tender and sad this morning :/

My therapist was talking yesterday about how i dont have any friends and how i should maybe think about making some. But its haaaard and im scaaaared.

Im gonna give myself maybe another 15 minutes to feel my feelings, and then im planning on sketching and working on one of my fics.

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