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been meaning to ask if anyone who admins an instance that followed my old monsterpit account if they still have my toots in their db

spooky story comment // 

I dunno what I'd have done if it had been an SOS. Probably still stuffed it into the towel drawer eventually. Maybe looked up a morse code table to see if it was saying anything else.

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spooky story end // 

stand in the silence. wait for it to happen again.

It's an electric toothbrush.

A family member has set their electric toothbrush out to charge, in the kitchen, and it's been randomly pulsing itself on and off, vibrating the plastic charging station against the granite countertop.

It pulses again when you touch it. On and off buttons don't work. It keeps going, long buzzes, short bips โ€” morse code? Is it trying to communicate?

It's not SOS, so you stuff it in a drawer.

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spooky story // 

you ever lay down to sleep

and there's a faint noise

and it happens again

and it's quiet for a while

then starts back up

it's not a house noise. it's not a person noise. there aren't โ€” shouldn't be โ€” any animals in the house, just fish. it's like something heavy scraping, or turning, or clicking into place.

it's too loud and too frequent to ignore

walk quietly in the dark, no need to wake anyone else up. go downstairs. stand very still, very quiet.


from the kitchenโ€ฆ

a lot of "advanced" platformy games (Hollow Knight, iirc?) have a little splash screens saying they were meant to be played with a controller

never understood that, keyboard has always* been more precise for me

I mean, I still can't do left shoryuken on a keyboard, but it's not like I can do it on a stick either

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is it just me or is the Switch "pro controller" really bad for the kind of rapid, precise directional shenanigans Celeste wants you to do

a lot of launching diagonally & slamming face first into Danger Crystals because the stick hadn't finished traveling to the 3 o'clock position

I think works of fiction & fantasy provide a lot more guidance for real life than is commonly appreciated

"hopefully you never need to know this, but in case you're feeling down and your reflection breaks out of the mirror to sabotage everything you do because you 'deserve' it, here's what works and here's what *not* to say to your doppelgangerโ€ฆ"

celeste (plot structure, mh spoiler/cw) // 

Celeste has some serious hero's journey / chapel perilous stuff going on

and seems to be handling mental health stuff really well? not just in a "oh, sensitive representation!" way, but like

specific useful skills and frameworks

the game has you do a grounding/centering/un-panic-attack exercise (which, idk, maybe is common in the era of QTE visual novels but not something I was expecting from a platformer)

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celeste (spoilery vague) // 

got to the nice conversation with Theo after the temple

love the blissful confidence Madeline displays in the other conversation afterwards as she fucks everything up for herself, again.

my dad has been watching One Piece

DAD: And who's that guy?
ME: that's Usopp. He's a crew member.
DAD: and what's he good for? what does he do?
ME: *sweats*

math, kink 

"The complexity of the Bondage problem in planar graphs"

Begin by defining a dominating set. The bondage problem asks for the minimum amount of edging required for the graph to require more domination, defined to be the bondage number of the graph. It is NP-hard, even for graphs with certain constraints.

we learned an interesting thing today: apparently the reason it's common for non-native english speakers to use "sth" to mean "something", and vanishingly rare for native english speakers to do so, is because the abbreviation is used by native speakers almost exclusively in *dictionaries*, which non-native speakers use very frequently and native speakers much less frequently

the reason it's used in dictionaries is purely space constraints. print dictionaries are Big.

sometimes I think about how much @NicoleTheLizard loves her cat & smile about it

Human Domestication Guide Art WIP 

Rigging & texturing took longer than expected, as usual! Anyway here's a big (~2.2km long) affini warship devouring a terran craft!

The actual animation is still vvvvv WIP & so is the terran craft and the final version will probably be an entirely different animation but i wanna show stuff off now !!

Texture work is more or less final, might edit the hab rings a bit or such?

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the thing about designing tentacle aliens is that tentacles are just really, really muscle-intensive when 90%+ of the time all you need from a limb is a rigid rod & some leverage

robosona posting; flustered robot!; kink?? 

hi i made an animation of my robosona being cute and flustered please observe

worldbuilding kernel 4 // 

the godfalls work like watering holes, in that two sorcerers using the same dead god might meet each other there and socialize

maybe magic can only be taken from gods after they're dead. (but live gods can choose to share a portion, when it suits them?)

if gods & their planes rot when they die, but not before, they must be a sort of immune system keeping the alien scavengers out. without sufficiently powerful gods keeping them out, life-as-we-know-it cannot exist

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worldbuilding kernel 2 // 

the god-carcasses themselves spiritually and/or physically exist on some plane of existence, which magic users visit (such as via shamanic trance) to draw power from

pocket dimensions saturated in divine energy, only kept from imploding by the flux radiating off the godfall in the center. dead, but at the same time teeming with life of alien scavengers, fungus, and rot.

mental image: yellow hagfish / cheshire cat / sphinx, offering riddles, lies, and wisdom to visitors

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