it seems to be especially tempting when beginning a piece & there isn't any context yet, so you want to pack as much incidental setting stuff into every sentence

wondering if it wouldn't be better to start with an intro, like

"by the way, everyone here has green fur and horns"

instead of working how green the fur is into the first person's dialogue

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is it actually *bad* writing to give every noun an adjective and every verb an adverb?

is it merely a style, that some people might prefer or disprefer?

is it "low status" because it's not how authors who can afford editors write? and how amateur writers often do? (me, I write like that sometimes)

does it grate on me because I'm not used to it, because I personally prefer terser writing, or because it's different from what I've been taught is good writing?

kink // 

the kink of forcing (being forced) to follow specific neurotypical norms, like being required to make eye contact (or even just show your face)

(except consensually, in limited scenes, and only for a top you trust to know your limits)

kink, tf // 

"catgirl tf kink" but starting with a furry / monster-person / robot / other altsapient

and the kink bit is forcing them to have a human face

a really expressive face that automatically does :3 and :> and :T

(and earflicks & tail posture language~)

*You* are a catgirl ???

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<-- lioness is a catgirl? 🦁

@lorxus k(t, 0) = h + h, k(t, 1) = h

k(t, s) is obviously continuous on s in [0, 1)
(but not uniformly continuous)

k(t, 1) is the limit of k(t, s) as s β€”> 1, so it's continuous there too (since 2pi = 4pi)

I'm probably not using the right definition of continuity for this

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@lorxus I'm not convinced a loop 2x around a hole doesn't deform to a 1x loop?

if g(t) [0, 1] β€”> unit circle = <2pi*t, 1>
g + g = h(t) = 4pi*t

k(t, s) : [0, 1] Γ— [0, 1] β€”> unit circle =
let p(s) : [0, 1] β€”> [1/2, 1] = (s + 1)/2

t =< 1/p : 2pi*t/p
1/p < t : 2pi + 2pi*(t - p)/(1 - p)

k(t, 0) =
t =< 1/2 : 4pi*t
1/2 < t : 2pi + 4pi*(t - 1/2) = 4pi*t

k(t, 0.8) =
t =< 0.9 : 10/9*2pi*t
t > 0.9 : 2pi + 20pi*(t - 0.9)

k(t, 0.98) =
t =< 0.99 : 100/99*2pi*t
t > 0.99 : 2pi + 200pi*(t - 0.99)

when you lay on your side & your legs are offset just right so the knees aren't poking into yourself

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I talk about a lot of weird kink shit but I'm also gay for, like,

laying between two mattresses stacked on top of each other

or floating motionlessly & letting myself be carried by a current

kink // 

sleepy(?) cutie + stuffed animal, but role reversal

paws where the fingers/toes are stitched indentations

there's some shooting gallery / clay pigeon type games on it too; in the normal modes, I tended to be slightly behind my brother, but in the 'shooter' modes I'd have double and triple his score

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played the (old) wii game 'Boom Blox' with the family last night, simple physics-based fun (main mode is motion-control jenga, there's also modes involving throwing balls at things)

there was an accessibility issue in that my brother couldn't do the arm/wrist motion to throw things hard enough, and trying hurt his wrist but other than that pretty good?

vore // 

keeping up core body temp by putting hot gfs in your stomach


Is this text-based facial expression looking left or right?

trans box turtles with red/yellow colored contacts

monster girl feminists talking about the "mammalian gaze"

blender question; stack exchange link 

I'm having a very difficult time getting blender's driver system to update variables & properties. I figured I'd share the link to the stack exchange question I wrote here, in case anyone here has the time to look at it!

poll for plural system members 

How comfortable do you think you would be answering the well-intentioned question of "how many of you are there?"

Particularly in the (hypothetical, if you haven't) context of having just come out to a singlet.


We chose multi-choice to support system members who share an account, pls just pick one if u can!

(Replies / elaborations welcome and may not get a response; depends on our capacity.)

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