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PSA: You can make and eat your favourite meal as often as you want, nobody can stop you.

I have been eating like utter trash the past like week. swear today's been the first that my caloric needs have been met...

Bike injuries (bandaged) 

Didn't cut myself up too badly tbh, tiny scrape on my knee and palm, and a lil dent in my elbow. More annoying than actually painful tbh.

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Yeehaw, just ate shit on my bike for the first time in well over a year whaddup 🥲

whee finally unlocked the real game modes in splat 3

stg the grind from 9 to 10 was longer than 1 to 9. I mean I was on a losing streak for most of it but like I still had a ticket from...???

the cool thing about OSRS is certain tasks are so automated that you can play it in the background of a different game entirely

New switch came in! Heckin lovin splathreen so far~

I should probably hit the food bank. Is open for 4 hours today and closer than any grocery stores.

Counterpoint: anxiety, telling myself I don't --need-- the help, it would just make things easier. Which is the point, I know.

switch update: it's in portland. fedex might actually make the delivery target.


gf has one of these lil guys and omfg I love them so much

(please boost) job search 

hello! i'm vanta. i have over a decade of experience editing videos, writing, using image editing software, making electronic music, and generally creating things with computers

i need a job! definitely something remote, considering i have asthma and covid is a thing. preferably something part time, but i'd consider full if it wasn't too demanding

i can do just about anything! editing videos, writing stuff, social media, etc.


my new switch is being shipped via fedex, yee haw...

every british accent is derivative of either jamie oliver or john oliver. no i will not elaborate.

I'm short an entire paycheck due to COVID derailing my life. I need like $685 to break even still. My most urgent need though is cat litter and cat food(about $60 total). The cats aren't starving but they are eating cheap cat food and Fergus needs sensitive skin and stomach so it's not ideal, but the litter I'm totally put of 😭

If anyone can kick in a couple bucks my venmo is @badbxtch69

Thanks for reading and boosting friends! Being broke is no joke

so my switch has gone from having a damaged joiner cable to the joiner cable connector being broken and needing replacing. this is conceptually doable with a soldering iron but probably will require a hot air station, and given the proximity of the connector to the battery, it's probably not worth doing.

basically, I need a new switch lmao.

Went to go do laundry this morn, and someone, probably the maintenence goblin(self-ascribed), loaded one of the washing machines with a full cycle and left it there, empty and waiting.

Which is even more dope cause washing is like $5 normally, so I only have to cover the $1 dry cycle

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