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hey I have a ko-fi now. it's kinda barren atm but I'm hoping to put my music and art up there when I have some in a form I can share. please hold me to this so I actually do it tho

:boost_ok: ~

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Selfie eyes contact // featuring a cat // you can boost ✨ 

This is what self-care looks like ✨

Good morning! I wish all queer people a lovely day today and all cops a sharp and hard-flung brick to the face ❤️

being asked by a friend

is cheese feminine or masculine in french? le or la?

french people of fedi hear my plea

Disappointingly, no pure DM at my store, so am not about to go past 2mg/kg as that'd knock the other two useful but way easier to injure self on ingredients into unsafe ranges.

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first time dxm, because fuck it, sinuses are being assholes, why not deal with them and get high at same time

Work breaks are not long enough for debauchery OR chicanery I am disappoint.

helo I am negative for both SARS-CoV-1 & 2, thanks for specifying, rapid test


people love to act as if personal cars are the ultimate accessible transport method, ignoring that it only helps if you're the one inside the car, and then completely forget about a huge group a disabled people who cannot drive a car at all and how unsafe roads and streets are to disabled people in car-centric cities

"accessibility" does not mean "ignoring a large group of disabilities because it benefits another group", it means "for everyone"

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Firefighters demostrate the dangers of deep frying a turkey

there’s been some cute trans positive stickers in my area lately.

This one is a plain white sticker with “trans women enrich womanhood” handwritten on it. The sticker is on a shiny metal pole and there are office buildings lit up in the background.

Superman wears his underpamts on the outside because the body suit underneath is crotchless so he can still pee spread the news we solved it

@bradysflungtablet @StevenSavage yup.

"if the situation were hopeless their propaganda would be unnecessary"

The systems of tyranny will thrash and try to survive at any cost as their attempts at control mechanisms come apart.

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