ngl it is pretty tempting to buy pet syringes....

hypno thirst 

And so I'm having a wonderful time
But I'd rather be whistling in the dark


gonna be honest if covid is over and I start going to konk stuff and learning how to hurt people safely I am probably going to drop into sadism super hard

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vore goof 

I never played bugsnax so I am just gonna assume

Feed somebody and you'll see
We are whatever we eat

is a vore and twinning thing

hypno kink 

list of songs that I think are hypno horny(incomplete[yes I absolutely will be taking questions if you have them]):
Bells Are Ringing - TMBG
Whisling in the Dark - TMBG
Spiraling Shape - TMBG
Comfort Eagle - CAKE
Robot Ponies - Laura Barrett
All The Things She Said - t.A.t.U
Little Fluffy Clouds - The Orb
Remind Me - Royksopp

I cannot stop, I cannot quit, whatever I write my brain does it

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does it mean anything if sometimes you feel compelled to speak in rhymes?

hypnosis rambling 

but it's fine, good in fact, because this is when my mind works best
in this foggy
light and fluffy
it is much easier to find those fuzzy words
like calling to like
merely helping the subject follow
to catch up
to where I already am
to where I want to bring them
much easier to pull with gravity to let my weight drag them down with me though
of course this is not the vibe I am looking for tonight, but it is the one I am most practiced at

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hypnosis, plural 

have a pretty intimidating session coming up and I think the only way I am not gonna loose my confidence is if my headmates keep me at least half tranced the whole time
if they are not constantly givine me the suggestion that I am a hypnotist I will definitely stop believing I can do it haha

implied being held against my will in a joke 

Rank how thirsty you imagine the speaker to be depending on the word used to fill the blank in this sentence: "I am ______ thirsty."
A. pretty
B. very
C. quite
D. please help me they have trapped me here and are forcing me to write answers for quizzes
E. a bit
F. somewhat

mtg arena 

I cannot stress enough how Gale's Redirection is my favorite card since Sublime Epiphany

mtg arena 

getting less success with it than I do with my key to the archive deck but
I love the way it plays so much

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mtg arena 

I know everyone else hates it but
god I really love alchemy
even more so now that the most recent set made counterspells a viable deck again

kink, hypnosis, bad brain stuff 

me as a subject: oh the hypnotist is just taking pity on me and giving me a trance as a nice gift
me as a hypnotist: oh the subject is just being polite and pretending like the scene we did was good and enjoyable
why am I like this x.x

stayed up past 5am last night, I definitely need to go in for maintenance

I feel like probably 80% of the reason why airplanes feel like a mandatory travel method is just like
people not being able to just not work for a while

society if I won the lottery: just a picture of me cuddling my friends

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