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Welcome to Mawr ✨Plush✨ on Masto: Adorable ✨plush✨ antics interspersed with a roughly equal measure of carefully considered and CW flagged thought-pieces on the subjects of self care, a/sexuality and anti-capitalist politics. :3

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(Jean ramen)

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ethical social media is a revolutionary miracle of our own making. supporting your local administrators with monetary, emotional, and other forms of appreciation is a healthy way to subvert the capitalistic corporations that many of us are here to escape from in the first place

bdsm not-really-lewd-though shitpost

Someone up here in Fremont built a cyberdeck from Neuromancer. O.o; (cc @mawr @kelseyhusky)

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“Honey, you are a beautiful flower, and God only wants you to grow. Which is why sometimes he shits all over you.”

I am become ✨plush✨
cuddler of worlds ♥️

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