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Welcome to Mawr ✨Plush✨ on Masto: Adorable ✨plush✨ antics interspersed with a roughly equal measure of carefully considered and CW flagged thought-pieces on the subjects of self care, a/sexuality and anti-capitalist politics. :3

Attn: Anyone who knows folks from Telltale in search of work, we're hiring here at High Moon. Please reach out if you see something you like. Let's get folks back on their feet quick.



if I hook up a modem to a megaphone, isn't that basically the same thing as wifi

🎶Oceanlab - Miracle (CW: Climate Change Realism) Show more

fat stigma kills Show more

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people are giving and receiving Headpats at incredible speeds ... and it is all thanks to the humble computer chip

:plush:​🏙📣❕Completed SMB emoji Alphabet! Show more

Heyo everyone! Im doing some sprite commissions! Opening 3 slots at 15 a piece. DM me for more info!

Look I know this is some capitalist bullshit but my heart deeply wants a plush Mtn Awoo pillow okay?

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