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My shifting political ideology ( anarcho-syndicalism ) 

I used to think I was a communist or a socialist, back when I felt like I had time to properly think through ideologies that could solve all of our problems

Now I identify as an anarcho-syndicalist :anarchist_flag: which I personally define as "I'm too fucking angry with the system as it is to worry about what system we replace it with, all I know is we all need to stick together to survive. The current system prevents that and so must burn"

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Mawr on Mastodon:
:blobsmilehappyeyes: There's beauty everywhere!

:blob_grinning_sweat: So I forgot to breathe again…

:blobthumbsup: Cops aren't people!

:blob_aww: Oh my gosh it's so cute!!

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About ✨Plush✨ City Policies: Instance Suspension 

✨Plush✨ City is a space for soff frens and caring about each other. As mayor, I take no issue with blocking instances whose users are allowed to harass others - especially if they target minorities.

We prioritize keeping our federated timeline clear of harmful rhetoric over keeping perfectly clear and open channels of communication.

If you're looking for an instance which prioritizes free speech over safety, look elsewhere.

Thx. :heart_trans:

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🎼 Come be the
🎵 :lazer_S:​:lazer_O:​:lazer_F:​:lazer_F:​​:wide_e:​:wide_r: 🎶
side of queer!

[ ]

just :transgender_flag: CSS 

In case y'all ever needed or wanted it:
background: linear-gradient(90deg,

There's some CSS styling that draws a semi-translucent trans flag as the background to any valid HTML element :3

Coming up on ✨plush✨ city's 4th anniversary soon! :blobcheer:

I'm working on a special and long overdo surprise for the day. :blobeyes: :blobgrin:

The fact that the first results for a web search for "Trans flag colors in hex" isn't some trans person's programming blog is honestly transphobic :blobfrowningbig:

mutual aid request 

It sucks to have to do this already but due to being extremely ill+in the hospital last month, my paycheck is shot. I don't have any money left from bills to get my boyfriend's meds. Frankly I'm grateful, because if I had most any other job I would've been fired.

$100 will get him a couple of weeks, so that's the current goal, but anything helps. Thank you all so much.

CashApp $nuktibromos

"I'll slip into something more comfortable"

*goes back to bed*

Trinity using the SSHv1 CRC32 exploit to gain a root shell on a power grid system is, tbqf, trans representation

shout out to the tree that crushed a police scotland van during yesterday's storms

cw: food 🍔 

Seattle burger places really know how to use a pickle. :blobsmilehappy:

found a subreddit called r/somnivexillology where people post flags that they dreamed

He spoke not a word, but went straight to the table,
Ate all the squash soup; then threw away the ladle,
And laying his finger aside of his nose,
He snorted an entire can of cranberry sauce and fell backwards onto the couch.

When I went to community college, I was commissioned to to the logo for their sports program (yes I was paid). Eventually that logo was used on merch by the time I graduated & now I see it’s even used in their trucking program.

So now I totally have my art on the side of a semi truck cab!

It's an osprey and they wanted that kind of "sport logo look" but I was happy to do it. That kind of gets me a bit pumped to do stuff again, because I love seeing that I left some kind of mark out there.

Fun fact: Corgis are actually the remnants of an old space program. The unused leg length for each dog is conserved for the next generation.

The goal was to then crossbreed them with a manned wolf, releasing all the many generations of stored leg length at once to produce a dog that could simply stand up to reach the Moon.

Oooh, the new album is in "pre-release" status for some reason :blobtilt:

So I guess it drops Friday, but there's a preview track out and it's excellent :blob_aww:

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