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consistency of the feeling right before a sneeze

look soff to the touch but passed through like a breeze

those high pitched sounds are really ghostly squees

i'm a ✨plush✨ ghostie :blobboo:

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Mawr on Mastodon:
:blobsmilehappyeyes: There's beauty everywhere!

:blob_grinning_sweat: So I forgot to breathe again…

:blobthumbsup: Cops aren't people!

:blob_aww: Oh my gosh it's so cute!!

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re: discourse? I guess? 

I responded to a local user and mentioned a quote that I've spent the past two years trying to live my life by:

"A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything." - Malcolm X

My mention of this quote has upset some as I guess they see my mention of his quote as somehow trivializing Malcolm X's words.

These are words I have etched into my soul. I think about them every single day; They were not meant to be included as a part of my public statements wrt masto.soc.

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About ✨Plush✨ City Policies: Instance Suspension 

✨Plush✨ City is a space for soff frens and caring about each other. As mayor, I take no issue with blocking instances whose users are allowed to harass others - especially if they target minorities.

We prioritize keeping our federated timeline clear of harmful rhetoric over keeping perfectly clear and open channels of communication.

If you're looking for an instance which prioritizes free speech over safety, look elsewhere.

Thx. :heart_trans:

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🎼 Come be the
🎵 :lazer_S::lazer_O::lazer_F::lazer_F:​​:wide_e::wide_r: 🎶
side of queer!

[ ]

Before anyone asks, here's the full pic

he sipp the cider

🎨: SP00KHOUND (Twitter)

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don't open it's a trick 

hey u want some gender???

"Warm Feet" are a lie told by sock manufacturers to sell more ineffective socks

I spent a bit more time on the tune today. Added a bridgy solo bit and I think it's done!

cw: furry covered nudity 

in case you are unaware of my bee goat

Domain Block

Designed to allow people to create a Pleroma instance quickly, one that self-destructs after 10 minutes of creation. Spare yourself the damn headache that it's most certainly going to introduce.

Nobody liked this toot

good. I don't like it either :bloblaugh:

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GIF /ɡif,jif/ (n): 

1. Acronym for "Graphics Interchange Format", a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images. (Usage: 1990-Present)

2. Any auto-playing embedded video or animation that does not include sound. (Usage: ~2018-Present)

Today is #IntersexAwarenessDay. Even though society is taught that gender is binary, it far from is. Intersex people exist - and are discriminated against in big. 1/8
#QUILTBAG #RadicalSolidarity #withintersex

possibly-weird crochet/knitting question 

are there any superstitions or w/e about working strands of your own hair into a piece?

randomly wondering this because a piece of our hair was on the blanket we're crocheting, and we didn't bother to move it, so now it's stuck there

and this just seems like the sort of concept that might exist

So what exactly is blaseball? (1/3) 

Blaseball is a splort that's very similar to the sport of baseball as you know it.

To "play" blaseball, you bet in-game currency on blaseball games that happen every hour. If you bet correctly, you get coins which can be put towards things like increasing your max bet, increasing your passive income when the team you chose as your favourite wins a game, and buying votes.

Each vote can be spent at the Election, which lets the fans change the rules of the next season of blaseball. For example, in the past fans have voted for the Fourth Strike, which is a buff given to the 4 worst teams of the previous season, causing their batters to get 4 strikes before being out instead of 3.

You can also put your votes into the Blessing raffle. Blessings are buffs given out to teams chosen at random at the end of each season, but that random choice is weighted by how many votes that team's fans put in (after all, it's a raffle). That could be things like general stat increases, but it could also be things like Legendary Items. For example, a player named Jessica Telephone received an extraordinarily powerful bat that made her the best batter in the league. The fans dubbed it The Dial Tone, and that name eventually became canon when the devs added it to the site.

Which brings me to what's actually interesting about blaseball...

I have a set of images of the 1984 apple commercial except instead of the normal content its the woman throwing a pickle at a giant burger and I cannot remember why I went to the effort of making it

Yes, of course I'm a fan of Mother Mother; I'm trans :blobhearttranscat:

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🎼 I've been ghostieing,
I've been ghostieing along :ghost_owo:
Ghostie on your timeline, 🎵
ghostie in your arms :blobboo: 🆙

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