Alt-Right White Wolf Article: Update 

You may have seen the article going around from "Dog With Dice" about how the latest version of White Wolf's "Vampire: The Masquerade" was specifically written for and marketed to the alt-right.

The article author's whole site is now dead and their Twitter account has been deleted without explanation.

I suspect foul play and severe harassment from alt-right 4channers.

The article is still cached here. Spread it far and wide.

Alt-Right White Wolf Article: Update 

@mawr I was just about to read that. Still cached on my phone's browser.

Alt-Right White Wolf Article: Update 

@emanate @mawr it gets, would'ya belileve, *worse*. I'm having trouble finding the birdsite thread (I try not to look too hard at the site) and apparently Onyx Path needed to submit WtA stuff to White Wolf for approval, and they managed to; 1) shut the writer out of the edit process 2) edit things to be really homophobic.

@mawr I heard legal threats and a cease and desist were also issued by White Wolf.

@Soreth Did some reading-- White Wolf offered a public response inviting the author to open a dialogue with them, and did not admit to any legal threats.

The author allegedly received legal threads from individuals claiming to represent White Wolf, but that could have been trolls as easily as it could have been legitimate, and White Wolf isn't saying one way or the other.

I'm sure as far as they're concerned, the article is gone and the matter is therefore closed.

Alt-Right White Wolf Article: Update 

@mawr Here's an even-handed analysis of the original article, written before all the wider fallout happened:

And this is a description of what led up to the poster deleting all his stuff:

I will not reshare that original article & I am sad we're again being asked to stand in solidarity w/someone who's been vocally antifeminist.

Alt-Right White Wolf Article: Update 

Thank you for sharing this context.

It's most certainly a biased and sensationalist article, but it's opened a lot of eyes to what White Wolf has become.

I'm not asking anyone to stand in solidarity with the author; as far as I'm concerned, he can fuck his antifeminist self.

I encourage spreading this article because many hateful & cruel folks want it silenced so badly they're threatening to kill over it. By my book, that means it should never die.

Alt-Right White Wolf Article: Update 

@mawr @sev

okay, so with the understanding neither Zak S. nor the author of the vanished article have a good look and do unfortunate things

but Kornelsen's take that it's ignorance and not malice just strikes me as painfully reminiscent of 2016 uspol discussion

"But everything I've seen from the new White Wolf makes me think that ascribing them malice is a miss where ascribing them callous self-importance is a hit."

exactly what I kept hearing, really

Alt-Right White Wolf Article: Update 

@mawr @sev

The reality is that polite selfishness is a good mask for those with far grimmer intention, and even if the distinction between "too selfish to reject Nazis" and "actively welcoming them" mattered to me (it doesn't, these days; you wanna profit from Nazis, you're just as bad in my eyes), at least the assumption of good faith should not be an automatic one these days, right?

Prevention of worsening should be priority. Bad faith needs to be found.

Alt-Right White Wolf Article: Update 

@sev @mawr Here's a take from the person who wrote them:

I don't think it does much good to share that article as it is actively hurting women creators.

Re: Alt-Right White Wolf Article 

@craigmaloney @sev
I have conflicting feelings on this. The only hurting of women creators being caused by this are from people outraged by OPPs (contractually obligated) compliance with White Wolf's bigoted narrative demands.

It's enraging to me that people would single out and target the women working in that company in response to this. It doesn't make any sense, which makes me wonder if it's the right using subversive tactics to stop us from pushing back.

Re: Alt-Right White Wolf Article 

@mawr @sev I trust Anna to know about what's going on, and if she says there's backlash and unintended consequences then I trust there are. If she's asking for folks to back away from this because it's causing problems then I believe her.

Full stop.

Re: Alt-Right White Wolf Article 

@craigmaloney @sev
I don't know who Anna is or why I should trust her, but you're entitled to your beliefs.

I should have added in my previous post (but ran out of characters):

"The only hurting of women creators [according to the linked post by Anna] being caused by this..."

Re: Alt-Right White Wolf Article 

@mawr @sev She's the author of Go Make Me a Sandwich:

Especially this post:

When it comes to fallout of harassment I believe her.

I especially believe her when she speaks about fallout from otherwise well-meaning people that stir the pot.

She's the expert in the room. I believe her.

Re: Alt-Right White Wolf Article 

@craigmaloney @sev
Alright, so sharing this article causes harm to women working for a company contracting with White Wolf according to Anna Kreider.

Find me an Anna approved article that outlines White Wolf's shift to the right and I'll happily post that instead.

Re: Alt-Right White Wolf Article 

@mawr @sev Unfortunately the damage is done. I'm not sure how the community can correct for what happened and the fall-out.

Perhaps someone else will write that article, but sadly any attempts at trying to piece this together is going to have the negative effects of the initial article attached to it. It'll either be "damage control" or "apologia".

Re: Alt-Right White Wolf Article 

@craigmaloney @mawr your words here remind me powerfully of "Why Misogynists Make Great Informants" ( which talks about how the misogynists in leftist organizations might be stealth plants or they might just be assholes but *in either case* they are weak points in an organization and should be held accountable, not supported in the name of a greater cause.

Alt-Right White Wolf Article: Update 

@mawr Everything that happened to White Wolf and Onyx Path has been pretty disturbing and sucks to see what happened to their IP and the company as whole given what they were in the 90s.

@mawr Yeaah and it is doubly shitty for the folks at Onyx Path. :(

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