Things that I hate about Git:
It's your best friend until you make a minor mistake, then you realize the commands are and were only logical to Linus Torvalds.

Things that I love about Git:
The above allows for the usage of phrases like "nightmare merge conflict fucksplosion" in professional parlance. :blobcoffee:

@mawr wait, so, it's literally just like linus then

@hirojin Assuming you meant Linux in that toot, yeah it would be! Linus Torvalds is the guy credited primarily with writing the Linux kernel, and he also wrote Git. So yeah. It makes sense that both are largely incomprehensible to the average sentient life form! :bloblul:

@mawr nah, i did mean linus:

he is your best friend until you make a minor and then it's all nighmere conflict fucksplosion in "professional" parlance.

@hirojin Oh! Sorry for this misunderstanding. ^^;;

I haven't been unfortunate enough to witness Linus' personality, but what I've heard has definitely not been very positive. :x

@mawr I'd love to say it's the opposite of subversion, but it's not true I guess.
We once describe a svn->git migration as "The users now have a little more potential to fuck up, but you have infinitely more possibilities to correct it. Also fixing it is usually easier than restoring from backup."

@wink We have come a long, long way from subversion. It's true!

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