So my dog Jack cries a lot about really silly things (for attention), and I think I'm going to start documenting them here because they often make me giggle. ^^;

Jack is crying right now because I wouldn't let him run outside to play with the package delivery lady, and she left.

Jack is crying because I turned on a box fan to help dry the carpet I quickly shampooed over my lunch break.

Jack is crying because he got his ball stuck behind this open door.

Jack is now crying because he carefully pushed his ball under the couch to keep it safe, but his legs are too stubby to retrieve it.

@mawr Dogcrates: "How is it that one cannot have one's ball in one's mouth, and also have one's pup parent throw it?"

@mawr oh dear X3
it seemed a very good idea to him at the time I’m sure.

@mawr poor sweetheart! Did he get his ball back from under the couch?

@Leucrotta Yes, I pulled it out for him, and he immediately lost it under the couch again. XD

Jack is crying because @bird isn't home yet and he misses her.

Jack is crying LOUDLY and pouting a lot because @bird took a personal day today and is playing video games instead of with him.

Jack is crying because I've been on conference calls all day today and haven't been able to spend much time with him.

@mawr this may be one of the cutest and saddest(?) threads ever.

i love it

Jack is crying because he's finally being allowed to go upstairs if he wants to, but there's no one up there to play with right now.

Jack is crying because I gave him one of his favorite treats and he's really happy about it but at the same time isn't sure what to do with it.

@mawr jack is also mugging for the camera quite adorably here

because both @missbird and I are home today and neither of us is playing with him and it's just not fair.

@mawr @missbird Poor Jack. Our Laddie understands and sympathizes, but he's happy just now due to getting a new chew toy.

because his sister Toast is taking a nap but he wants to play.

Jack isn't crying much these days because he has a little sister to look after, and she does more than enough crying for both of them. XD

@mawr ZOMG, it really is Jack and mini-Jack! *squeeeee*

@mawr [immense sister crying]

j: ,,,, do i really sound like that omg [existential_thonking_corner.jpg]

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